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February 23, 2014
Salem News

Harsh words for letter writer

To the editor:

An East Liverpool man wrote a letter to the editor criticizing Democratic Party Commissioner candidate Nathan Walker and myself.

He attempted to slam Mr. Walker by calling him "a common man. A real common man." I strongly suggest that the letter writer immediately go see The LEGO Movie.

In the movie, a common LEGO figurine is told that he is "the special" or the chosen one. In the movie, Emmett, the LEGO guy, learns that we can all be special and accomplish great things. Emmett comes to realize that being common or typical isn't a bad thing and that by being common a person can do great things.

When criticizing someone as being common or average you are saying more about yourself than you are the person you are trying to insult.

We live in a democracy. A working democracy needs the common people to support it, to maintain it, and from time to time to fix it.

Many years ago I had the great opportunity to intern in the office of "disgraced" Congressman James Traficant in Washington, D.C. One thing that impressed me about Traficant was that he always did one thing I never saw another member of Congress do. He always talked to the janitor.

As I entered politics myself I made a promise to myself that I would never think I was better than anyone else. I promised that I would never forget who my real bosses were. I made a commitment to never view myself as anything more than common.

Sometimes I didn't think before I spoke. Sometimes I said dumb things, and on one occasion I mispronounced a name. I made these same kind of common mistakes people make every day.

Despite my missteps I was always genuine. I was always proud to do my job, and I never forgot who I worked for.

The writer from East Liverpool said that Mr. Walker was my friend, and he was a neophyte. Yes, Nathan Walker is a friend of many people. He doesn't have much political experience, but he is genuine. He works hard and loves our county. You are right. He is common. He is exactly what this county needs.




Where did wisdom go?

To the editor:

Whatever happened to (wisdom)?

People ask why do we have a drug problem etc. Don't children copy after parents and look at other adults? When I grew up it was cigarettes and alcohol and I tried both but did not get hooked on alcohol but I smoked cigarettes until my child was born. Then I asked myself, I'm married and have a child and I need to spend my money on my family, not a dirty habit.

I never like tattoos but people had them then. I believe there is a God and learned more about the Bible and asked for wisdom. People today as in the past live for enjoyment of what? Talking about the stupid things they did in the past or last night. I think it gives them a high or look at me, I'm a big shot!

In the past, I think more people helped one another than today. Today it's give me give me, don't ask them to do much work for the majority will not.

I think the best way to make things better in this country is to limit the salary of the rich by imposing a law like you cannot make more than, say, 50 to 100 times your lowest paid worker.

We have only a few that control and own most of everything. A rich man should not to be able to own or have any interest in more than five businesses in a state.

Our newspaper and TV stations should be limited so we have free press, not controlled press. If you own a newspaper, you could not have interest in TV unless it was 600 or so miles apart. We have some rich controlling what we have in our papers and on TV.




Weather is bad for animals too

To the editor:

It's been a long and bitter cold winter hasn't it? Can you imagine how hard it's been on the unfortunate animals that have been left outside and neglected by their "loving" owners.

Imagine yourself being outside in below zero temperatures with only a coat, no boots, no gloves, no scarf, no way to get warm. Imagine still, no food or water and tied to a doghouse with no bottom to it and no straw. You wouldn't last long would you?

Well thanks to the caring, hard working people at our Columbiana County Humane Society many animals are being helped. The humane agents go out in all kinds of weather, day and night, in answer to the many calls and reports that came in about animals left outside.

Phone calls this winter have been 10 times higher than normal. Almost 200 calls of concern were addressed during the fourth quarter of 2013 and they keep coming with this cold weather. It didn't matter that it was zero degrees or worse, what time of day or night it was, the humane agents went out to check on animals who might otherwise not have made it. They even took straw with them to give to owners who weren't aware what was needed in the cold. Were it not for their dedication many would have frozen.

Columbiana County has a jewel in its humane society but it's hard work to keep it going. As a no-kill shelter they are committed to saving all animals unless there is no hope for survival. That means lots of veterinary bills, lots of supply costs and loads of volunteers.

Recently some of the staff and volunteers spent 24 hours inside the dog kennels. Yup! You heard me correctly, inside the kennels. They stayed inside the cages with the dogs, slept in there and ate in there. All to raise money ($30,000) to improve and enlarge the kennels for the dogs. The kennels are old and not big enough for the larger dogs and floors need sealed in order to keep the dogs comfortable and clean.

If you're like me, until I got involved, I didn't realize how much work and how many people it took to keep a shelter going. Whew! It takes a village! Lots of people are needed every day to take care of the many cats (over 40) upstairs and dogs downstairs.

It's not only feeding but cleaning litter boxes, changing water bowls, taking dogs out three and four times a day, cleaning up messes in cages when one can't wait, scrubbing floors of pens, washing food and water bowls, doing laundry, yes, laundry. There are blankets and towels used for the animals that are changed constantly which makes tons of laundry. Bet you didn't think of that huh? Neither did I. And then of course, there's clean-up outside and TLC too from the wonderful volunteers who care so much for the animals.

Salem is so fortunate to have such a facility but it needs you. To keep it going it needs lots of help, both in man hours and donations. If you can't volunteer won't you think of becoming a member of Team HSCC? For $10 you can be a member or you can sponsor a cat for $25 or dog for $50. You can help sponsor a spay/neuter or give much needed items like cat and dog food, straw, soap, etc.

We also have a new Animal Resource Center on Pidgeon Road too (across the road from McKinney's furniture) that is available for dog walking, playtime with other dogs (especially with all this bad weather), obedience training, and seminars. There is also a complete line of dog leashes, harnesses, dishes and indestructible toys for both cats and dogs. Come out and see the dogs play on the rubberized floor and bring your dog, you will love it and so will your pet.




Educating the non-pet lover

To the editor:

Unless you live under a rock, you have seen or heard my opinion about the emotional impact animal welfare has on humans. The lack of understanding of this fact is particularly frustrating to me as I seek to continually raise money for the services provided to Columbiana County residents at the hands of The Humane Society of Columbiana County (HSCC).

I attempt to educate the non-pet loving segment of the community to the importance of supporting this hardworking organization since they help people, not just animals.

An example of emotional impact is being played out in Sochi, Russia, alongside the Olympic athletes as large numbers of stray dogs roam the Olympic Village. Athletes are enduring barking dogs alongside the cross country trail during a training run and the horror of fighting dogs outside of the Gorki Media Center. Olympic Skier Gus Kenworthy saved a litter of pups and their mother from the streets, saying, "I've been around animals all of my life. It's hard to watch."

Shouldn't this Olympian be able to just concentrate on bringing home the gold? Reports indicate mass euthanasia prior to the games by hired exterminators with poison darts. If this picture doesn't scream emotional impact, what does?

Over 10 times the normal number of humans was impacted by animal welfare during recent weeks in Columbiana County. This is evidenced by the increased number of phone calls of concern that were answered by The Humane Society of Columbiana County during the difficult winter weather. Animals are unable to pick up the phone and dial, so we can deduce that humans are being emotionally impacted and compelled to make the call on their behalf.

The next time someone tells me they don't support animal welfare organizations like HSCC because they support organizations that help people, I think I'll tie them to a dog box and give the dog my cell phone. Hopefully a human will care enough to call for help on their behalf.

Jenny R. Pike,

President, Humane Society

of Columbiana County,



No wonder they're called 'green'

To the editor:

It's Easy Being Green

February 2009: Oh, the much ballyhooed economic stimulus, where the Obama Regime tossed another $800 billion of debt on the shoulders of our children and grandchildren, to the tune of approximately $2,600 per person - or $8,000 per adult. A meaningless statistic considering a three-year-old would likely spend the money more wisely than the Obama Regime.

History teaches us many lessons. One of those lessons being that Barack Obama can stimulate an economy as well as Roseanne can stimulate a red-blooded male. But this was never an issue of competence but rather motive, as the primary intention of the Regime's package was not to produce economic growth but to conduct one of the largest money-laundering schemes in American history, doling out tens of billions of taxpayer dollars to old pals and chums working at public sector unions, political action committees, and - most of all - "green" energy companies.

Twenty-seven of the green energy companies to have received loans and grants from the Regime are currently experiencing significant financial difficulty, not to mention the additional 23 to have already gone bankrupt. Of these 50 cash-strapped companies. 29 featured executives, board members, employees, and/or investors who just happened to be significant campaign bundlers for the Democratic Party and Barack Obama himself. That's 60 percent folks.

Here are a few highlights:

Solyndra. March 2009: Received $535 million loan from the Regime's Department of Energy. September 2011: Bankrupt. Solyndra investor George Kaiser donated $53,000 to Obama and raised another $100,000 in 2008. Total donations from Kaiser, Solyndra's executives and board members exceeded $87,000 in 2008. While the board members contributed an additional $27.000 to other Democratic Party causes.

Abound Solar. December 2010: Received $400 million loan from the Regime's Department of Energy. June 2012: Bankrupt. Investor Pat Stryker, recipient of the prestigious Forbes' Top Liberal Spender qualification, donated $50,000 and bundled another $87,000 for Obama in 2008 and personally contributed $36,000 more in 2012. Russell Kanjorski, nephew of Democratic Congressman Paul Kanjorski, was named vice president of marketing shortly thereafter, while Abound Solar aired advertisements thanking Democratic Congresswoman Betsy Marker for voting in favor of an unconstitutional cap-and-trade bill. October 2012: leaked emails reveal the Regime at the White House pressured skeptical Energy Department officials into making an incredibly stupid loan to Abound Solar.

Amonix, Inc. September 2011: Received $90 million loan from the Regime's Department of Energy. July 2012: Bankrupt. Investors John Doerr. Daniel Weiss, and Steve Westly donated a combined $380,000 to Democratic causes during their Amonix affiliation, while bundling another $700,000 specifically for Barack Obama's election campaigns.

A123 Systems. September 2010: Received $249 million loan from the Regime's Department of Energy. October 2012: Bankrupt. Over the period 2005 to 2012, A123 executives and employees donated $29,000 to Democratic causes and $3,000 to Obama's election campaign of 2008.

Range Fuels. January 2009: Received $80 million loan from the Regime's Department of Agriculture. December 2011: Bankrupt. From 2007-2011, total political contributions from executives and employees of Range Fuels equaled $11,800, every clime of which went to Democratic Party causes.

And on and on and on... Yep, that's our President for you. Our corrupt, lying, deceitful president paying off his bundlers and cronies with billions of taxpayer dollars. No wonder they call them "green" companies.




Give seniors what they pay for

To the editor:

On Wednesday, Feb. 12, I visited a friend living in the senior living complex on West Perry Street. Everyone is 55 years or up, yet the roads were not cleared of snow so they could get to their cars nor were the sidewalks cleared of snow.

These residents have call buttons in the bathrooms, that are not hooked up, so they can get help and they are paying for snow removal and lawn care. As senior citizens, I feel they should get what they are paying for for safety's sake.



This democracy is un-American

To the editor:

Currently the mayor of New York City is going to push for a valid ID card to be issued to anyone/everyone in his city, regardless.

The emphasis is on "anyone/everyone" making NYC an official sanctuary city which opens the door to "free-for-all" voting. Should this attempt to secede from the union prevail it is only natural for the president to follow suit.

The "fundamental change" needed to correct the unjust founding of America is only moments away. Saying that this is impossible is just typical leftwing heretic blather since the president has acted unilaterally on immigration anyway. Besides, he has the entire (and growing) government behind him.

The Equal Opportunity Employment Commission tried unsuccessfully to determine who gets to be a minister for a Lutheran Church. The National Labor Relations Board (with its unlawfully appointed members) will always side with the union bosses. The IRS determines who gets free speech and who doesn't. The NSA will decide what a private conversation is and what isn't. The DOJ already decided that the Civil Rights Laws don't apply to white people.

The state department decides who is worth the bother to save (refers Benghazi). The EPA is winning its war on coal so your energy cost continues to rise and the Keystone Pipeline will be scrapped.

Obamacare that was passed with only Democrats voting for it has made it illegal for any American not to buy health insurance all the while destroying current plans. The entire federal government is controlled and operates as a Democrat democracy that orders you to "sit down," "shut up" and "have a cookie." Along with this the Democrats add, "Don't worry folks, there are plenty of cookies to go around." Those cookies were once yours but the government will redistribute them as they seem fit. Democrat democracy is un-American, so win the senate and hold the house.


East Liverpool



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