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isolation is torture, in amerikkka

Bradley Manning spent his 23rd birthday on Friday completely isolated, just as he has every day for the last 5 months months in his cell at the Quantico Marine Base. Manning is the Marine Private accused of leaking classified documents to Wikileaks. Since July, he has been held in cruel and inhumane conditions like violent, dangerous criminals in a Supermax prison. He spends each day completely isolated, with severe restrictions placed on basic activities like sleep and exercise. Yet he has not been convicted of any crime. The extreme isolation in which Manning has spent every day of the last 5 months is grueling. It's already taking its toll: Bradley Manning's physical and mental health are suffering, according to his attorney and friends who have seen him in prison. Bradley Manning deserves humane treatment while he awaits trial. And all it tookis one p-i-s-s-ant official.


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