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Is the State Dept. to blame for the Benghazi tragedy?

  1. Yes
  2. No
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Jan-25-13 1:19 AM

The president of the United States has people chirping in his ear all day long giving him up to the minute information on incidents and concerns from all around the world. If State Dept assets are getting shot up then he should know about it in very short time. Either he did know about it and did nothing or someone within a step or two below him in the State Dept. knew about it and did nothing, but it is pretty clear that someone was derelict in his or her duties.

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Jan-25-13 6:59 AM

I would say the ones that carried out the act was to blame. However I would say the State Dept. was to blame for not doing everything they could have done to put the situation in check. The ones that carried out the tragedy and are the ones to blame have not been brought to justice. So the State Dept. has failed on two points first for not doing all they could have done to prevent it and the other from not insisting that the group that did it be brought to justice.

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Jan-25-13 8:47 AM

This Administration is full of cowards.

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Jan-25-13 12:28 PM

How was to blame for:

Oklahoma Beirut 9-11 Iraq war? Just some.

As for Cowards ask Bin Laden and Wayne LaPierre.

We don't know how many tragedies are stopped every day, and those operations are not the our peoples business!

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Jan-25-13 12:29 PM

sorry Who.

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Jan-25-13 12:39 PM

The I-didn't-know-about-it excuse isn't going to work here. Especially when military commanders are claiming that they received stand-down orders during this event. Low level bureaucrats don't give orders to the military...those come from much higher positions.

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Jan-25-13 3:06 PM

Wayne, Had a chance to serve his country and use his gun skills. In 1969 as a campus radical at SUNY-Albany in upstate New York. Was in the draft but weaseled out by having a family doctor claim he had a nervous disorder. Then to the NRA. I think he still has the disorder. Now he has found the 2nd amendment to twist.

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Jan-25-13 3:11 PM

Wow are you still following this political side show? Move along people. Spare the blame game finger pointing waste of space! Until you, not them, YOU take the blame for what has happened with the death of these 4 Americans, these continuing circus side shows every four years is going to continue. If you can't figure this out yet, you never will.

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