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Poll numbers show Ohio Gov. John Kasich maintains an approval rating about 50 percent and large leads over two possible challengers in next year's election. Do you approve of the job he is doing?

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Apr-19-13 8:19 PM

He wants to tax shale money to lower the state tax for everyone. So all the farmers and landowners like myself will be hit a third time to pay for the rent people if we are in a drilling unit. There is no difference between parties. Take and give to others while skimming to keep public pensions, when those who pay have to produce or lower the standards of life as we get older.

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Apr-19-13 2:54 PM

Actual Education instead of politics? Those days are long gone unfortunately.

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Apr-19-13 2:24 PM

The Constitution was written to allow the folks to have the control over their day to day living...which would include education. The federal government has absolutely no business in our schools. The State has a limited input. The mere fact that most children are completely lacking in basic knowledge of American history and way too many don't graduate then something is very wrong.

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Apr-19-13 10:09 AM

Tax money that people pay for education of their children should go to the school of their choice. Public schools need to compete for that tax money and not just have it handed to them. If they make the public schools someplace people want to send their kids to, then they will get the tax dollars. A lot of public education is a shambles and it is not all the teachers fault. Public schools have had so many restraints placed upon them concerning discipline in the schools and they are forced to lower standards, so they don't make the ones that are not smart enough or that care enough to get it, feel bad. I am told teachers are not allowed to discipline and have to teach just to get test results. As a result our public schools are failing. But when you tie someone's hands what do you expect? Get the Federal and State government out of the local schools and let the teachers teach again and I bet we would see a turn around.

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Apr-19-13 9:33 AM

The unions are destroying the public schools. They are dying from within.

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Apr-19-13 9:12 AM

He is destroying our public schools by diverting school funding dollars to vouchers in for profit charters owned by his political donors. He has to go!

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Apr-19-13 8:44 AM

His objectives include lowering personal income tax and reducing costs of government services----- good enough for me!

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