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Should Salem put up a scaffold to shield the sidewalk in front of the TanFastic building?

  1. Yes
  2. No
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May-21-13 1:59 PM

Let me see if I am getting what you are saying watchdog. Are you advocating that the government be able to assess fines and require citizens to cough up the money for what ever the government officials determine that they should, without due process of law??? I must say I am kind of shocked by that if that is your attitude toward this. I was sure you were a staunch supporter of the government not over stepping their bounds.

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May-21-13 12:58 PM

"Some of you make it sound so easy."

It is easy, and it should have been. Once the fire department stepped in and started acting on the behalf of the State Fire Marshall and the governing laws dictating this step by step, it should have been EASY.

"There is a legal dispute going on about who is legally responsible for the wall in question."

Yep, there sure is concerned, and that has absolutely nothing to do with the City and a moot point. Both owners need to be fined and ordered to fix it. That battle of who is responsible for the damage doesn't matter right now, the two owners can fight that out later.

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May-20-13 7:14 AM

Some of you make it sound so easy. Just fine them or just make them tear it down. It is not that easy folks. There is a legal dispute going on about who is legally responsible for the wall in question. Until that is settled nothing permanent will be done about the situation. It is a catch 22 for the city. The situation will be corrected when the legal process has been completed. The wheels of justice move slowly but they do move. I the city is doing the right thing in trying to protect the public. I do agree with watchdog though on one thing.The city should save the bill for whoever it turns out is responsible for the crumbling wall.

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May-19-13 1:36 PM

The city got involved with their lawsuit.Then like a bunch of dummies dropped it .Thinking tan fastic was going to honer their aggreemnet " Wrong "

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May-19-13 12:25 PM

notSocialist, nobody is denying anyone of their property. What should be happening is the City should stop getting in between these two owners blame game battle. Everyday these two buildings, yes, two buildings deteriorate away endangering the public should be FINED out their rear ends.

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May-18-13 7:49 AM

Who owns the building?And why has this saga gone on for so long.Someone in city government needs to step up and tell the owners fix it or raze it.

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May-17-13 7:36 PM

I don't care what they put up as long as they hand the bill over to the owners. This crap has gone past ridiculous.

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May-17-13 12:55 PM

They should tear the****thing down!!

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May-17-13 10:17 AM

I kind of like the scaffolding idea.

Passersbye would get the impression the bldg. was being worked on .

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