Lisbon grab keeps upbeat with Browns

CLEVELAND – This season, the Cleveland Browns have enhanced their game day experience for their fans.

Among those changes are easier access to the stadium, better cell phone reception, a better team shop, and, for their listening pleasure, the addition of the Cleveland Browns Drumline.

One of the original members on snare drum is 2009 Lisbon High School graduate, and longtime Browns fan, Brian Darcy.

“I have always been a big Browns fan,” Darcy said. “I’m very excited to be part of this.”

Darcy was selected this past August to be part of the drumline, one of many additions for the 2013 season during the Browns’ home games at FirstEnergy Stadium.

The Drumline consists of 19 members ranging in ages from 18 to their mid-30s, and each of the members are excited to be added to the environment.

“They are all very excited too,” Darcy said. “They are excited to be able to go drumming again.”

The Drumline made its debut during the Browns’ home opener against the Miami Dolphins on Sept. 8. Right away, the reaction was positive.

“The crowd has really gotten into it,” Darcy said. “This is a way they get hyped up.”

With the Browns’ record at 3-2, and the fact that they are positioned near the Dawg Pound, the environment gets more electrifying.

“We are all more hyped up now with the way the Browns have been playing this season,” Darcy said.

Darcy and the line’s day begins when the tailgating begins. As fans enter the parking lot and enjoy beers and bratwurst, they also get to listen to the beat of the drums.

“Early in the morning, we play all around during tailgating,” Darcy said. “We get the crowd going.”

After the tailgaters are ready for the game, the drumline marches into the stadium and puts on its show.

“We perform during the TV and radio commercial breaks and during halftime,” Darcy said. “We get mic’d up, and then from the control booth they give us the cue, and then we start playing. We also get to go on the field during halftime as well.”

Darcy’s game day experience began this past August as he saw a video about auditions for the new drumline.

“I saw a YouTube video that they were holding auditions for the drumline,” Darcy said.

Considering Darcy’s past involvement in marching bands, most recently as a member of the Youngstown State University Marching Pride, he figured he would give the audition a try.

“I had played in the band in high school and college,” Darcy said. “I was a drummer in the marching band at YSU.”

Now he looks forward to the extension of his drumming career after college.

“It is good to be able to do it again,” Darcy said. “I didn’t know if I would ever be able to have another opportunity to drum.”

Outside of his drumming duties, Darcy is a student at Case Western Reserve University in Berea looking to go into a career in industry.

He is studying for his master of science degree in operations research and applied chain management, having graduated from Youngstown State University in 2013 with a bachelors of science in applied math.

Fans can catch Darcy and the rest of the Drumline at the south corner near the Dawg Pound at all Browns home games, including this Sunday as the Browns host the Detroit Lions.