Crestview drops Salem

SALEM – The Crestview softball team swept Salem in a doubleheader on Saturday.

In the first game, Lindsay Balmenti struck out five as the Rebels shut out the Quakers 10-0 in five innings. Balmenti also had three RBIs, along with Sarah Kohler with two RBIs and Carly Diedrich with an RBI.

Rylee Leider led the Quakers with two singles, and Clara Janofa struck out three and walked four.

Balmenti also worked the bats in the second game with four RBIs along with Alexys Brooks’ two RBIs to lead the Rebels to an 8-6 victory. Autumn Lindsay picked up the win with 10 strikeouts.

Katie Moore led the Quakers with three RBIs, while Hannah Carner struck out five and walked six.

The Rebels improve to 10-4, and head to United Monday.

First game

CR: 2-0-3-0-5-10-10-1

S: 0-0-0-0-0-0-4-2

CR-Lindsay Balmenti, wp (5IP, 5K, 1BB) and Alexys Brooks.

S-Clara Janofa, lp (5IP, 3K, 4BB) and Kari Seddon.

Second game

CR: 1-0-0-3-0-2-2-8-10-4

S: 1-2-0-0-3-0-0-6-6-2

CR-Autumn Lindsay, wp (7IP, 10K, 1BB) and Alexys Brooks.

S-Hannah Carner, lp (7IP, 5K, 6BB) and Raegan Meals.