Raiders outlast Tigers

NEW MIDDLETOWN – The South Range baseball team may have been stretched out a little by Springfield on Tuesday, but now the Raiders are much closer to a third-straight league title.

After 11 innings and nearly three hours, an RBI each from Zach Thorpe and Dan Macinga, along with solid pitching from Greg Dunham and Bill Goodall, put the Raiders over the Tigers 5-3 to sweep the Tigers for the second year in a row and remain undefeated in the Inter-Tri County League upper tier.

“It was great getting the win the whole time,” Goodall said. “When we picked up those two runs, we felt pretty confident that we could seal the deal.”

Goodall, who contributed with a RBI and a run along with seven strikeouts in six innings on the mound, is relieved to pick up to sweep the Tigers for the second straight year as the Raiders improve to 16-3 overall and 11-0 in the league.

“We had to take care of our end, and they took care of their end,” South Range coach Jim Hanek. “We looked forward to this game, and our kids are just excited. I couldn’t say how proud I really am for them.”

Ryan Miller led with a pair of RBIs, along with an RBI each from Goodall, Thorpe and Macinga.

“We knew it wasn’t going to be an easy task,” Hanek said. “We knew Dalton Donachie would be tough, and he pitched a terrific game.”

Donachie’s terrific game consisted of 14 strikeouts for the Tigers (17-3, 9-2) in seven innings before Jordon Peterson took over in the eighth, but after James Hillyer relieved Peterson in the 11th, the Tigers gave up RBI hits from Thorpe and Dan Macenga.

“We had many opportunities to close it out,” Donachie said. “It doesn’t take away that we played a great game, but we needed to capitalize, especially in extra innings we needed to do so and we didn’t do that.”

Joe Wrask led the Tigers with two RBIs, along with an RBI from Ryan Kohler. Despite the disappointment, Springfield coach Matt Waymer was pleased with Donachie’s success, particularly against the Raiders.

“It was one of those things that he threw a lot of pitches before,” Waymer said. “He had been through that before, and he had been used to it, and so he did a good job and I’m happy for him.”

As both teams look towards tournament action, the Raiders look forward to their final games, which includes United and a pair against Lisbon and feel confident in picking up another league title.

“Everyone’s excited,” Goodall said. “We’ve still got league games so it’s not over, and then on to the tournament.”

Both are back in action today as the Raiders head to United, and the Tigers travel to Crestview.


At 14 strikeouts, Springfield pitcher Dalton Donachie struck out more than South Range pitchers Greg Dunham and Bill Goodall combined.

No team in the Inter-Tri County League upper tier has ever won back-to-back league championships in consecutive undefeated league seasons.

SR: 2-0-0-0-1-0-0-0-0-0-2-5-11-2

SP: 0-0-2-0-1-0-0-0-0-0-0-3-6-2

SR-Greg Dunham, wp (6IP, 5K, 3BB), Bill Goodall (5IP, 6K, 2BB) and Ryan Miller

SP-Dalton Donachie, lp (7IP, 14K, 2BB), Jordon Peterson (3 1/3IP, 1K, 1BB), James Hillyer (2/3IP, 2K, 0BB) and Hunter Snyder.