TRACK: Salem splits win against West Branch

SALEM – The Salem boys and West Branch girls won by scores of 65-63 at Reilly Stadium on Tuesday.

The Salem boys won all four relays, including the 1600-meter relay in the final race for the victory.

For West Branch, Zach Robbins matched his school record by clearing 6-foot-8 in the high jump and also won the long jump, while Dustin Greenawalt won the 1600 and 3200 runs.

West Branch’s Haley Davis (800, 1600) was the only girl to win two individual events.

The teams will return to Salem on Friday for the Northeastern Buckeye Conference Meet.


Salem 65, West Branch 63

3200 RELAY: Salem (Dolphin, Perez, McClish, Polen) 9:19.0.

110 HURDLES: Caleb Quinn (S) 16.1, Ruthrauff (WB), Griffith (WB).

100 DASH: Casey Ruthrauff (WB) 11.7, Kitts (S), Crittenden (S).

800 RELAY: Salem (Panezott, Crittenden, Turney, Rumsey) 1:31.7.

1600 RUN: Dustin Greenawalt (WB) 5:03.1, Morris (S), Miner (WB).

400 RELAY: Salem (Panezott, Kitts, Taylor, Murray) 45.2.

400 DASH: Dan Rumsey (S) 52.5, Turney (S), Neilson (WB).

300 HURDLES: Josiah Ross (WB) 41.7, Lozier (WB), Quinn (S).

800 RUN: Anthony Miner (WB) 2:17.0, Greenawalt (WB), Dolphin (S).

200 DASH: Marcus Crittenden (S) 23.3, Kitts (S), Lozier (WB).

3200 RUN: Dustin Greenawalt (WB), Morris (S), Griffith (S).

1600 RELAY: Salem (Crittenden, Rumsey, bailey, Turney) 3:35.3.

DISCUS: Elijah Bricker (S) 149-0, Zinni (WB), Filp (WB).

SHOT PUT: Jacob Zinni (WB) 52-11 1/4, Filp (WB), Bricker (S).

LONG JUMP: Zach Robbins (WB) 19-6 3/4, Butcher (WB), Byland (S).

HIGH JUMP: Zach Robbins (WB) 6-8, Hoover (S), Green (S).


West Branch 65, Salem 63

3200 RELAY: West Branch (E. Carver, Waters, R. Carver, Pittman) 10:24.4.

100 HURDLES: Sydney Diehl (WB) 17.8, M. Diehl (WB), Miller (WB).

100 DASH: Karlie Williamson (WB) 13.6, Texter (S), Phillips (WB).

800 RELAY: Salem (Texter, Swindell, Lehwald, Dundon) 1:51.4.

1600 RUN: Haley Davis (WB) 5:38.6, Double (S), Sprowl (WB).

400 RELAY: Salem (Texter, Lehwald, Aukerman, Dundon) 53.3.

400 DASH: Marissa Swindell (S) 60.4, E. Carver (WB), Wyss (S).

300 HURDLES: Rachel Carver (WB) 50.0, Aukerman (S), Whaley (WB).

800 RUN: Haley Davis (WB) 2:24.9, Waters (WB), Shivers (S).

200 DASH: Erin Carver (WB) 27.1, Aukerman (S), Williamson (WB).

3200 RUN: Hannah Shaffer (S) 13:48.2, Sprowl (WB), Sadlacek (WB).

1600 RELAY: Salem (Dundon, Swindell, Wyss, Shivers) 4:22.3.

DISCUS: Alyssa Wright (S) 118-8, Bock (WB), Martin (S).

SHOT PUT: Lea Bock (WB) 34-0 1/2, Martin (S), Valiente (S).

LONG JUMP: Megan Lehwald (S) 16-1, Double (S), Dundon (S).

HIGH JUMP: Camrin Costal (S) 4-8, Long (WB), Bates (WB).