Double trouble

CALCUTTA – Salem senior Marissa Swindell may be the Quakers’ top scorer, but also got some help up top as well.

After a slow first half, Swindell and sophomore Mary Double teamed for a big second half against Beaver Local on Tuesday as the Quakers shut down the Beavers 8-2.

“I think we just thought to ourselves, ‘This isn’t the team that we think we are’,” Swindell said. “We came out a lot stronger.”

Double led the Quakers with four goals, while Swindell picked up three, and it seems like the two enjoy each other’s company offensively.

“This is the first year I’ve worked with Mary and I like it,” Swindell said. “We’re know how to work together. We’re just getting used to each other,”

With the two leading the offensive front, the feeling is also mutual with Double, as she feels a sense of relief knowing she has help up top.

“I’ve played on a lot of other teams, and I’ve never really had anyone up top with me,” Double said. “I was normally, like, very independent because I didn’t have anybody to pass to, so I really like working with Marissa because I know she’s there. I can get passes from her and she gets passes from me, and it’s not as frustrating as it used to be.”

Swindell’s hat trick on Tuesday now brings her to nine goals on the season, but knows it’s all about the team.

“All of the girls are just a big family,” Swindell said. “I don’t think there’s particulary one leader. We all love each other, so that helps.”

While Swindell and Double took control in the second half, it was a little struggle in the first half as Beaver Local’s defense held the Quakers to just one goal, and the Quakers knew they had to pick up the pace.

“I just think the time off from the holiday weekend,” Salem coach Travis Zeigler said. “Then the girls realized when we were 1-1 at the half, it was time to step it up.”

“In the first half I got really mad,” Double said. “I just wanted to go back out there and score. I haven’t really had a good season, so I just wanted to get it started.”

Raegan Meals also scored a goal late in the second half. Swindell and Meals also each had an assist as did Kaitelin Chilton and Sydney Green, while Katie Moore had 12 saves.

The Beavers (4-2) kept the game close in the first half as Alex Eisenhart answered Swindell’s first goal and tied the game 1-1, but even with a second goal by Eisenhart, the Beavers got overpowered by the Quakers.

“We came out, and I thought we played a pretty decent first half,” Beaver Local coach Elizabeth Connor said. “In the second half, we started getting some injuries and started falling apart in our defense.”

Those injuries were to Lexi Hilliard and Kylie Severs. Severs left the game in the first half after suffering a mild head injury and did not return, while Hilliard was able to return in the second half after getting injured in the first half, but left again.

“Lexi got hurt in the first half, and then came back, but then she got injured again and didn’t return,” Connor said. “She (Severs) has headaches, mild symptoms.”

Caylee Cunningham and Alexa Schwerha each had an assist. Anna Jennings had four saves while Courtney Elliott had two.

Both teams are back on the road as the Quakers head to Alliance tonight, and the Beavers travel to Carrollton on Saturday.


Salem also won the junior varsity game 2-0 which was played after the varsity game. Kaitelin Chilton and Katie Duston each scored a goal for the Quakers.

Salem coach Travis Zeigler received a yellow card during the first half after he was warned by a referee for standing too close to the field.

The 50/50 prize was $19.50.