Blossoms offers one-stop shopping for weddings

COLUMBIANA – After 20 years on the road doing business development work for a Salem marketing company, Tammy Knox wanted to be at home with her family more and bought Wellman’s Florist and Gift shop in 2014.

She put a cafe in and that led to opening her own start-up company called Blossoms in the Village, located in the Das Dutch Village Plaza.

She operated both until earlier this month, merging the two at the 14899 South Ave. address, a stand-alone building, in the plaza.

The whole purpose of the merger was to offer one-stop shopping for florals and all kinds of gifts for weddings and special events, in other words “for all occasions in life.”

“I wanted to expand the wedding market,” the 1992 Beaver Local High School graduate said. That includes bridal showers, baby showers, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, Valentines Day gifts and bereavements.

Blossoms in the Village has a large array of Clemson chimes, stands, cotton throws/easels, benches, stones, angels, casket sprays, standing easels, fresh plants, Bling Bling jewelry and purses, perfumes, mesh wreaths, Precious Moments art, corn hole bags, Gorant chocolates, soy soaps, Clemson flags, candles, home decor and floral arrangements along with items for graveside services.

They provide “a ton” of services for funeral homes within a 40 mile area, she said.

“The thing in my head … well there’s this business market out there for weddings and I thought one stop. They can come to one place to plan their event,” she explained, adding she has a minister, photographer, caterers, seamstress and even a DJ readily available.

One stop for Knox means convenient and stress free.

“One place to organize and coordinate under one roof. And that’s the biggest thing I get review-wise. I make it easy. They rely on me to connect all the dots for them.”

One couple wrote last month thanking Blossoms in the Village saying they were in “complete awe of the beauty you created that surrounded us on our wedding day.

“We are beyond grateful to have the opportunity to work with you. You have gained lifelong customers in us.”

And that is one of Knox’s goals for Blossoms in the Village.

“I tell my brides I don’t want them to come to me for just their wedding. I build relationships. I want to be a part of their everyday occurrences. I don’t want them to think OK you’re married now I’m done with you. We’re looking for long term.”

Blossoms in the Village has seven employees. Knox’s husband, Chris, supervises and her sister Jennifer is the store manager. The staff has over 60 years of design experience, Knox said.

With a regional market, the store offers Hallmark Greeting Cards and can customize the cards with personal touches. There are gift baskets with fresh fruits and an exclusive line of My Little Snow Buddy gift dolls, handmade by Judy Sutherin.

“We do a lot of custom orders of Snow Buddies,” she said. The selection includes Gingerbread Buddy, Grinch Buddy, Team Mascot Buddy and Primitive Buddy and can be custom order for school sports teams.

New gift lines are upcoming, she said, along with a building addition to accommodate that expansion.

Store hours are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday to Saturday. For more information, visit Blossoms in the Village on Facebook and its website www.columbianaflorist.com, or call 330- 892-0498



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