East Palestine celebrates success of small businesses

Businesses in East Palestine were recognized for their contribution to the local community during the fourth annual East Palestine Area Chamber of Commerce Milestone and Business Development awards on Monday, front from left, featured speaker state Rep. Tim Ginter, chamber director Margo Zuch, C.H. McCutcheon and Joyce McCutcheon of Elder Ag and Turf, Shirley Prater of H&R Block, Jessie Gamble of Howard’s Cafe, chamber president John Davis, Chris and Ron Fuller of Fuller’s True Value, Jim Kalcheries of The Original Roadhouse, Steve Telischak of The Telischak Co., Sherry Stanley of the Clutter’d Hutch, Sam Sacione of ExoChem Corp., (back) Ben Bruno of the Dairy Mill, Joy Mascher of Flowers Straight from the Heart, Dan Simmons of Peace Valley Orchard, Charlie Ewing of T&M Hardware and Rental Inc., and Scott Dodge of Todd’s Sparkle Market. (Salem News photo by Katie White)

EAST PALESTINE — It takes a lot to make a small business successful, and even more to ensure that it remains successful over decades.

That effort and hard work put in by local business owners to see that their companies not only continue operating in East Palestine, but flourish and make a difference, was recognized on Monday by the East Palestine Area Chamber of Commerce.

Peace Valley Orchards — one of nine other local businesses to receive a Milestone award — is in its third generation of family-owned operation, and a fourth generation is preparing for the future.

The business has 70 years of operation locally by the Simmons family since 1948.

Others, like ExoChem Corporation and the local H&R Block Co., have 50 years of continued business in the village.

“The backbone of the Ohio economy is the small business,” state Rep. Tim Ginter said.

Ginter was the featured speaker for the awards ceremony and said it is one of his goals as state representative to see that fewer regulations are placed on small business.

“I am concerned about — as have many other lawmakers — the over-reaching regulations in the state of Ohio … it is incredible that businesses are thriving, much less surviving, with all those regulations,” he said.

Specifically, he said that Ohio trails only a handful of other states, including New York, with regards to regulations imposed on businesses.

He said he was impressed by the REINS legislation approved in the state of Wisconsin.

REINS stands for Regulations from the Executive Branch in Need of Scrutiny and works to prevent regulatory agencies from imposing major rules without consent from both the state’s legislature and chief executive.

Ginter said he is currently looking into co-sponsoring legislation that deals with regulations in the state.

“You and your businesses are important to me. When I am in discussions in Columbus I am thinking about Columbiana County,” Ginter said. “Thank you small businesses for the work you do to support Ohio.”

Other businesses to receive Milestone awards during the ceremony were Fuller’s True Value Hardware, Cardinal Welding, Inc., Rockenberger Auto Parts, Inc., T&M Hardware and Rental, Inc., Todd’s Sparkle Market and Flowers Straight from the Heart.

Businesses to receive the Business Expansion Awards were Howard’s Cafe and The Original Roadhouse.

Businesses to receive the Adaptive Reuse and Upgrade Awards were The Clutter’d Hutch, EP Dairy Mill, and The Telischak Co.

The Presidential Award was given to C.H. and Joyce McCutcheon of Elder AG & Turf.