Meeting set on Perry zoning update

PERRY TWP. — A public hearing is planned for July 22 regarding updates being suggested for the township zoning book by the consulting firm Plan4Land.

The trustees agreed earlier this year to have the company look over the existing zoning book and update it if necessary at an estimated cost of $4,300. Zoning Officer Allan Wolfgang has been meeting with the company and the week of July 15, company representatives will meet with members of the Board of Zoning Appeals, the Zoning Board and the trustees to review the zoning book. The meeting date will be announced.

Fiscal Officer Susan Johnston said the public hearing for the public to comment will likely follow the regular township meeting set for 6:30 p.m. July 22.

In other zoning issues, the trustees voted to declare a property at 1584 N. Lincoln Ave. a nuisance, giving the owner 10 days to fix the mess or else. Wolfgang said the property has been an issue for some time due to high grass, a junk car and a tree that was cut down and was still laying in the yard.

Trustee Jim Armeni said he noticed someone out on a riding mower on the property at 6 p.m., just before the meeting.

In his zoning report, Wolfgang said a problem at the ReStore property had been addressed and cleaned up. He received seven permits for the month so far. A resident in attendance at the meeting complained about a property on Georgetown Road, saying the grass has not been mowed and the house “is a disaster.” Wolfgang planned to check on it.

The owners of the property bordering the north line of the township property on North Ellsworth Avenue where the administration building and north fire station are located asked for permission to put in some drainage and hook into the township’s drainage system to fix an issue with standing water in their yard.

A question was also asked about the owners possibly buying a little bit of land off of the township to square off the couple’s odd-shaped property. Trustee Chair Cliff Mix said the property lines would have to be marked out and both Armeni and Trustee Don Rudibaugh said they need to see what they’re doing before making any decision.

“I’d like to walk the property to get a better idea,” Armeni said.

The property owner also asked whether a neighbor can stop or interfere with the natural flow of water, noting a neighbor said water from their property was coming onto his property so he put dirt up against their fence and now the water just sits there. Mix said he didn’t think somebody could stop the natural flow of water.

Wolfgang said it was his understanding that someone can’t cause water to run on someone else’s property, but nothing can be done about the natural flow, adding it becomes a civil matter. The man just wanted to try to remedy the issue with the drainage project.

Road Supervisor Darreck Farrell told trustees he didn’t see an issue with the property owner hooking into the township’s drainage system, but said they would need to find where the sewer line and electrical line are located near the township sign before any digging can take place.

No decision was made on either the drainage or the land purchase request.



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