Perry worker reports problem with program

PERRY TWP. — Township road worker Tony Ieropoli told trustees Monday that he was having a problem with the deferred compensation program for employees, noting that the money is coming out of his checks but not being deposited into the account with the company in question.

Township Fiscal Officer Susan Johnston said she just found out last week that the company had not received the last two checks she sent for the employees’ contributions. The woman she spoke to at the company told her she was sending the checks to the correct address but she hadn’t even told her what address she was sending them to at that point in the conversation. She has always sent the money in monthly, but the last two checks haven’t been cashed.

The mail system apparently isn’t working, but the woman said they can’t accept automated money transfers. Johnston said she’s not at all comfortable with the situation. The company they use is the same as the township association, but they could look at other places out there for programs, even a local company

Ieropoli said everybody in the plan would have to agree to that. Johnston said there are three employees currently contributing to the plan. She quit contributing and she thought one other person had quit contributing.

Trustee Don Rudibaugh said they should get some options for the employees to look at and decide. He said as soon as the money is taken from employees it should be sent to the company, with Ieropoli adding that he’s losing interest. Mix said they would check with other providers.

Under road business, road supervisor Darreck Farrell reported that some of the washouts that occurred on Egypt Road during a storm may be covered under an emergency declaration. He submitted paperwork to the Columbiana County Emergency Management Agency. As for the recent flooding issue at Chestnut Grove Road and Lincoln, he said that’s not covered and the problem’s not going away.

When water comes down over the hill, the pipes get plugged up and flood the road and the railroad tracks.

He also said during a recent review of the insurance coverage, it was discovered an F350 in the department wasn’t covered. According to Johnston, the information was sent to the insurance company and was never switched over. Each year she and the trustees review the insurance and nobody caught it. The equipment list is being updated.

Another issue Farrell said needs to be addressed is an FCC license for the road department so the old police radios can be used in the trucks. He was told by a radio person that the department had a license that expired in 2002. Mix thought they were all covered under one license for the township.

The trustees also signed the paperwork to pave Allen, Cliff and Countryside; approved additional appropriations to purchase a new road truck for $140,000 and pay $115,000 for the paving; agreed to have no parking on Buckeye Circle and post no parking signs; and acknowledged receipt of an annexation application from Doug Schmidt at 1551 Goshen Road for city water and sewer.



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