Quinn off ballot for Salem mayor


LISBON — The city of Salem will now only have one option for mayor in the November general election, and two other races will also be different now that the Columbiana County Board of Elections removed six candidates from the ballot.

The board unanimously invalidated six independent candidate petitions during its regular meeting on Friday. The remaining 18 candidates running as independents were validated.

Of the petitions that were invalidated, two were tossed from the ballot due to not having the required 25 valid signatures. These were for candidates Stephen R. Quinn II, of Salem, and Erik Linebaugh of Columbiana.

Under Ohio law, if a petition for a candidate running for a specific election is invalidated, that person’s name cannot appear on that election ballot.

Quinn was seeking to run against incumbent Republican John Berlin for Salem Mayor, but with Quinn disqualified, Berlin will be the only name to appear on the election ballot.

Board of Elections Director Kim Fusco said that Quinn had 19 valid signatures on his petition while Linebaugh had 23.

Signatures are not considered valid if the address listed for the person is not the same as their registered address, or if they are not actually registered to vote.

Board Chairman David Johnson stressed that it is crucial for candidates to get more than enough signatures on their petitions in the event that some are found not to be valid.

The other four independent petitions that were invalidated were done so by the board because the candidates cast partisan votes in the May 7 primary election, Fusco said. The filing deadline to run as an independent candidate was May 6, meaning they cast partisan votes after filing to run independently.

Fusco said the candidates no longer on the ballot for that reason are Walker J. Kukla III and Tony Dolan, both running for Columbiana council, and Tammy Roberts and Ryan Berg, both running for Lisbon village council.

As a result, the Lisbon council race will only have one candidate remaining on

the ballot, and that is Dawn Thomas, who was one of the 18 whose petition to run as independent was validated by the board.

The remaining candidates to appear on the ballot for Columbiana council are incumbent Skip Liston, running as a Republican, incumbent Dick McBane, running as an independent, and independent candidates Brian G. Lalama and Daniel Dattilio.

In other matters, Fusco announced that that board will have to find a few new polling places this summer in preparation for the fall election.

She said the Southeast Elementary School will no longer be available, since the school district has requested it not be used for the safety of its students.

Of all the precincts in the county, Southeast is the only elementary school used as a polling place, Fusco said.

She added that the board is looking into a option with the Damascus Friends Church for a polling location.