Man calls for pool lift for disabled

Lisbon resident complains facility not ADA?compliant

LISBON — A man with disabilities who lodged a complaint in May about the Sadie Van Fossan pool not being compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act returned to council on Tuesday.

Law Director Alec Beech was asked to weigh in on the question of whether the village is not in compliance. Beech said after reading the law it would appear the village must comply only if correcting the problem is “readily achievable,” which he interprets to mean if they can install one without too much difficulty and without it being a financial burden.

The Sadie Van Fossan pool by far predates the ADA requirements, which went into effect in January 2013.

Scott Bartholomew, who uses a chair and a scooter for mobilization, said his concerns involve the pool’s lack of a lift. This is a device that can lower and raise a person unable to climb the stairs or the ramp, which he said he believes may be too steep, although he admitted he has not tried it.

Bartholomew said the lifts have gone down in price because many companies are competing for the business of those updating their facilities following the January 2013 requirements.

The lift could be battery operated or water pressure controlled, according to Bartholomew, who added he has seen the water pressure versions for about $2,500. When questioned further about the device and the lack of water pressure at the park, Bartholomew said with the right ring inside the device it would only require 50 pounds per square inch (PSI) to lift a 250-pound person.

Bartholomew is the same person who previously filed an ADA complaint about the Chamber of Commerce in Lisbon after finding he could not use his scooter to enter the chamber’s office on North Market Street to attend Landmark Foundation meetings.

Council did not take any action either way on the matter.

In another matter, Councilman Peter Wilson updated council on a bicycle rack that was placed Monday at the courthouse parking lot. However, Wilson said the same rack had to be removed on Tuesday after someone already tampered with it sometime overnight.

He was considering whether it could be cemented down, but added he was not certain how the county commissioners would feel about that because they had expressed concerns about being able to move it to plow the parking lot in the winter.



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