Waterline work makes for rough sledding on road

WELLSVILLE — Yellow Creek Township trustees on Tuesday listened to complaints about the Buckeye Water District waterline that runs through Yellow Creek.

Chuck Crews, who lives on 16 School Road, attended the meeting to complain about the destruction of his road due to the construction of the waterline running from the South Field energy plant to the Ohio River. The BWD line runs down the middle of the road.

“Our road is a mess, almost undriveable at times,” said Crews.

Crews said he and his family have been calling and complaining about the condition of the road to the inspectors and foreman on the project. Another resident in attendance also expressed his complaints and lack of response from project managers.

Lastly, Crews asked why the line veers into a ditch for 200 yards instead of continuing down the road.

Trustees said they are waiting for a response from the township’s lawyer on what actions they can take, and plan to continue to speak to the project managers.

In other action, trustees:

— Announced the Ohio EPA has not removed the excessive amounts of tires from the Taggart Hill property. They are waiting for the EPA to update them on the tire removal. Trustee Kenny Biacco said he would make the calls.

— Announced they have yet to receive a bid for the 1997 International truck with plow and spreader. They will check their post office box for any bids before posting another ad selling the truck.

— Announced the county’s chip and seal program is done. The project took six days and eight mounds to chip seal the roads in the township.

— Announced they are looking for solutions for Hibbetts Mill Road’s deterioration.

— Heard a resident announce speed reduction signs have been posted around the South Field construction site.

The next trustee meeting will be 7 p.m. Aug. 13.


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