Salem BOE honors maintenance staff for many summer projects

SALEM — The Salem school board this week honored the building and grounds department for completing multiple facility renovation projects this summer in time for the start of this school year.

The school presented the members of Maintenance Supervisor Jason Austin’s staff with Salem Quaker polo shirts and public appreciation for completing the projects which included significant renovations at the high school stadium such as new press boxes, updated drainage and resurfaced walkways; repainted gymnasium, repairs to facility parking lots and a complete overhaul of the high school library.

The department completed more than $900,000 in maintenance projects over the summer.

Under personnel the board approved the retire-rehire of Mindy Hiltbrand as art teacher at Buckeye Elementary and hired Marjorie Zeigler as clerk for St. Paul School, Larry Truzzie as licensed school psychologist for early intervention and counseling services at St. Paul School, Linda Thomas and Megan Boyle as school nurses, Teresa Hixson and Dan Griffith as bus drivers, Natalee Miller as audio/visual duty aide at the Administration Office, Amanda Ganslein as duty aide at Buckeye Elementary, Amanda Ganslein as a duty aide at Buckeye Elementary, Dionna Meade as cafeteria cashier at the high school, Becky Smith as cafeteria cashier at Southeast Elementary and Linda Cosgrove as cafeteria server at Buckeye Elementary.

The board also approved Mary Groff, custodian, to clean the bus garage one day per pay period; an addendum to the contract of Joe Gerberry to include the duties of the Salem “Forum” at the cost of $500 per issue (not to exceed four issues per year) to be published in 2019-2020 school year; Ardyth Sommers as volunteer worker to help school nurses; and Megan Gustaevel as an athletic trainer for home events for the fall school year; as well as a Edward Cable as a band volunteer.

Additionally the board granted athletic supplemental contracts to Kathy Hopple as volunteer assistant junior high cross country, Kelly Barley as volunteer varsity assistant, Samantha Robinson as junior high volleyball head, George Spack as high school boys basketball varsity assistant and Jeff Martig as ninth grade boys basketball head.

Also at the meeting, the board accepted the resignation of Steve Bailey as a volunteer for high school girls soccer, Kendell Austin as Junior High School cheer coach, Mike Swinehart

as volunteer assistant coach for girls basketball / youth girls program coordinator.

The board also accepted the resignations of William Gray, lunch cafeteria cashier at Southeast Elementary; Natalee Miller, duty aide at Buckeye Elementary; Brenda Blaine, audio/visual duty aide at Administration Office; Renaye Fisher, lunch cafeteria worker at Buckeye Elementary; Teresa Hixson, breakfast cafeteria cashier at High School; Teresa Hixson, duty aide at Buckeye Elementary; Suzanne Hritz as school nurse; Shari McKarns as school nurse.

Also the board approved a 25 cent hourly wage increase to Debra Baker ADN at the Hannah E. Mullins School of Practical Nursing (HEMSPN), for a new hourly rate of $23 per hour; approved the non-renewals HEMSPN employees Helen Aiello – ADN, RN – full-time instructor and Shayna Glista – MSN, RN – part-time instructor; and hired as HEMSPN instructors Angela Betteridge Mason – AND, RN- part-time instructor and Ruth Ann Mullen – MSN, RN – full-time instructor.