Salem parks board accepts $5,915 office roof estimate

SALEM — The city Parks Commission agreed during a special meeting Monday to accept an estimate from Peer Roofing of Alliance to replace the shingles on the park office building shared with Ed Silverio after a third estimate couldn’t be secured.

The parks department owns approximately 1,900 square feet of the building while Silverio owns 3,400 square feet of the building located at 2222 Oak Street, just off of Southeast Boulevard.

Silverio had plans to repair an air-conditioning unit on his portion of the roof and wanted to replace all the old shingles to ensure a tight, leak-proof seal, suggesting the parks department do its portion of the roof at the same time, using the same roof contractor. The estimate from Peer for the entire roof was $16,501, with the cost to Silverio $10,585 and the cost to the parks department $5,915.

Parks Director Shane Franks had secured a second estimate from Branch Home Improvements for $15, 400, which was slightly less. Silverio preferred the work be done by a roof specialist and had indicated working with Peer Roofing before. The commission agreed to request a third estimate, at the urging of commission member Lucille Karnofel, so Franks contacted another roof specialist in Salem, but the firm wasn’t interested in submitting an estimate.

Franks was contacted by another company that only does metal roofs. The owner met with Franks and Silverio to look at the building, but no written estimate had been provided.

“I don’t think we should continue to put Mr. Silverio on hold here. He owns the biggest part of this building,” Franks said, adding the commission needed to make a decision one way or another.

He noted that the parks’ portion of the roof is not in an immediate emergency situation, but would be in three or four years. He said this was a good opportunity to get it done now. He said there had been talk about another possible estimate, but they weren’t comfortable with that person. His recommendation was to go with Peer Roofing.

All three commission members agreed, with commission co-chair Terry Hoopes saying there wasn’t a huge difference in the price and Silverio was familiar with Peer Roofing. He said it was in the commission’s best interest to get the work done now.

Karnofel agreed with what Hoopes said, although she said she was disappointed they didn’t get another estimate from a reputable roofing company. She agreed that Silverio shouldn’t be held up any longer. Commission Chair John Panezott

said he was behind the project “100 percent.”

Silverio vouched for the quality of Peer’s work and the service they’ll get after the project’s done. The building was constructed in 1985, with an addition in 1995 and he said it’s a nice building that they want to keep nice.

Hoopes thanked him for his patience in letting the commission go through its process to make a decision. Silverio said it was good to go for a third estimate even though it didn’t work out. As Hoopes said, the metal roof company had no doubt read about the project in the newspaper and other companies could have just as easily read about it and submitted estimates, but they didn’t.

Silverio said he planned to contact the contractor to get the project started.