Salem teen gets probation for failing to stay in touch

LISBON — A 19-year-old Salem man whose 2017 conviction in Cuyahoga County Juvenile Court requires him to register as a sexual offender was placed on four years community control on Monday for failure to verify his residence address.

Zealand D.F. Lewis, Cleveland Street, reportedly did not register his address with the county sheriff’s office as he was required. His defense attorney, James Wise, said it was not that Lewis really moved, he just failed to get reach the deputy and tell him he was still at that same address. He has recently graduated from high school and is actively seeking a job, according to Wise.

Assistant County Prosecutor Tammie Riley Jones said she was recommending community control, but she also had concerns about Lewis admitting to the probation department he had recently used marijuana.

Judge Megan Bickerton warned Lewis he will face drug tests while on community control for the next four years and if he continues to smoke marijuana he will violate the terms of that community control. He is facing a minimum of two years in prison, up to a maximum of eight years should he be found in violation. While she agreed Lewis is a young man, she reminded him that he has a very serious responsibility of registering his address and when he receives letters from the sheriff’s office, he cannot ignore them.