Salem Township trustees seek answers on new private drive

SALEM TOWNSHIP–Trustees want to talk to the person building a house on Golf Club Drive due to concerns with the steepness of the driveway being put in and what that will mean for the street from water runoff.

“That driveway is not going to be acceptable,” Trustee John Wilms said, adding it’s coming out at the worst possible spot.

He said water is going to come down that driveway and out onto Golf Club Drive, which in the winter time will create an icy spot.

“It’s just not going to be safe,” Trustee Bill Heston said.

Wilms also questioned what’s happening with a culvert out in front of the property. He asked if Road Foreman Jason Entrikin or Constable Dan Valentine see someone on the property to tell them they need to talk with the trustees.

In other business, Entrikin said the new patch machine works great and there’s plenty of patching to do. Trustees recently replaced the old patch machine with a newer model. The patch machine uses an emulsifier and shoots out gravel, similar to chip & seal. He said this seems to stay a lot better for potholes. The township has used a patch machine for several years. Entrikin said the new machine is easier to run than the old one.

“Let’s make an effort to patch up the township,” Wilms said.

Heston said he appreciated the help from Fiscal Officer Dale Davis on the cemetery grant application Heston plans to submit on the township’s behalf to the Ohio Department of Commerce. The maximum grant amount is $1,000, which can be used to repair stones or do other work. The grant is restricted to active cemeteries in the township, with Hart Cemetery off of state Route 45 and Franklin Square Cemetery off of Salem Grange Road both listed on the application.

Valentine reported that he received over 50 phone calls from people saying they knew the gentleman who was found deceased outside his home on state Route 558 during a welfare check after the post office and others called Valentine about not seeing him around. John Edward Moore was discovered a week ago and at the time, Valentine asked for the public’s help in finding the next of kin. informing trustees that a sister and niece stepped forward and contacted him. He said it was believed he died of natural causes.

Valentine also reported that a lot of people contacted him for help in registering for the emergency alert system after he urged people to sign up. The Columbiana County Emergency Management Agency also received phone calls in response to the story that appeared in the Salem News. The free service is provided by the EMA and sends an alert to a phone number either by voice or text for storm warnings, tornado warnings or other emergencies. Visit ccoema.org and click on WENS (Wireless Emergency Notification System) for information on signing up.

The next meeting of trustees is 7 p.m. Aug. 27 at the township administration building off of state Route 558.