Village still awaiting word on Dollar General plan

LISBON — A month after a representative from Dollar General met with village council about preliminary plans to build a second store in town nothing else has been heard about the proposed project.

The clerk for the zoning board has yet to receive any requests from the company for a zoning variance that would be needed since the proposed location — 740 E. Lincoln Way (state Route 154) — is in an area zoned residential. The proposed location is between two homes and directly across the street from where Moore Street intersects with Route 154.

Councilman Peter Wilson reported at last week’s council meeting he called the real estate company representing Dollar General and was told “no decision has been made and they are evaluating other sites.”

Mayor Roger Gallo told the Salem News the day before the council meeting he had not been contacted by the real estate company, nor has he reached out to them. Wilson is running for mayor this year against Gallo

“We sure would like to have a new business, but we haven’t heard anything back,” Gallo said.

The mayor was asked by the newspaper if it would be in the village’s best interest to reach out to Dollar General and suggest alternate sites. The general feeling is the proposed site is a lousy location because of the additional traffic congestion that would result given its close proximity to the Carter Lumber intersection.

The village’s biggest source of general operating revenue is the 1.5 percent municipal income tax, which will go to 2 percent if a proposed 0.5 percent increase on the Nov. 5 ballot is approved by voters. The income tax has remained mostly flat for more than a decade, with no major businesses moving into town during that period to help grow the pool of workers that pay the tax, with almost all of the new development occurring just north of town in Center Township.

Dollar General is expected to employ 15 workers, and they would pay the income tax, as would the company. It already has a store 1.5 miles away on Rose Drive on the north side of town, but company believes Lisbon would benefit from another store at the eastern end.

Gallo said there are some other locations that would be suitable for a second store, including one or two further east on Route 154, but he was under the impression Dollar General was interested only in the proposed site. “He didn’t say there were any under other sites under consideration,” he said.

Wilson said it his understanding the real estate company has nothing to do with selecting sites, which is done by Dollar General. He did not suggest any alternate sites when speaking with the representative.



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