WB grading scale won’t change for now

BELOIT — The grading scale at West Branch High School will not be changing this year.

School Board President Mikki Kanagy reported on Thursday that although the administration continues to investigate the possibility of changing to a 10-point grading scale, it will not happen for the upcoming year. The board last month approved the high school handbook with the provision to modify the grading scale if needed.

The new scale would be 90 to 100 an A, 80 to 89 a B and so on.

In response to a parent’s question, schools Superintendent Timothy Saxton said the administration is currently surveying staff members and board members have reached out to multiple universities and colleges to determine how the 10-point grading scale affects college admissions.

“We need to investigate any trickle down effects of a change,” he said.

Saxton did say that a decision regarding a change in the grading scale is expected in January.

In other business, the board approved amended policies related to use of facilities fees. Kanagy said the board wanted to approve amending the policies now, but will work on updating the fees for each of the buildings and fields, some of which are outdated and others non-existent.

The final fees will be posted on the school website.

Also at the meeting, Nutrition Group representatives updated the board on the transition for the upcoming school year. The board hired the company last month to provide food service management.

The representatives said the company will be putting a Nutrition Group spin on current items while introducing new ones and retaining old ones. They also said they will be exchanging $20,000 in canned foods for fresh fruits and vegetables in October. The opportunity to exchange the canned foods for fresh is available since the Nutrition Group took over the district’s food management so late in the summer.

The representatives also reported a la cart and adult lunch prices will eventually need to be increased because they do not meet United State Department of Agriculture (USDA) requirements. They said the prices can be increased gradually over the next two years.