Butler Township

ZN Homes Inc. to Blaine and Nancy Barrett, home and 1.3 acres at 141 Woodsend Drive; $236,000

Lester Wilson to Kellee Yuhaniak, home on Tower Road; $101,200

David and Melissa Plummer to Joseph and Marie Johns, home and 3.3 acres on Tower Road; $273,900

Center Township

Diana Shasteen to Jeff Walker, 0.3 acres on Depot Road; $4,900


Estate of Angelo Giancola to Preston and Margaret Corey, condominium on Timberline Drive; $194,000

Kenneth and Brenda Rambo to Nicholas and Malory Sukosd, home on North Elm Street; $139,000

East Liverpool

Angela Muschweck to Nathan Boyd, home on West Ninth Street; $6,000

Melissa Lewis to Midfirst Bank, home on Lisbon Street; $57,489

Ina Harker to Donald and Kala Ryan, home on Michigan Avenue; $3,500

Melissa Lewis to Midfirst Bank, home on Lisbon Street; $57,489

Twenty Six 3 Properties Inc. to Columbiana Metropolitan Housing Authority, two lots on West Seventh Street; $50,000

Bryan Winters to George Kanj, et al, two properties on Mulberry Street; $85,000

Garrett Bryson to Alexander Stewart, home on Harding Avenue; $123,000

Leonard Hanlon II to Bank of New York, home at 877 Logan St.; $24,623

East Palestine

Audrey Elwonger to Bernard Mahon Jr., home on East Main Street; $69,000

Amber Hodak to Douglas Hunger Jr., home on East Main Street; $75,500

Elkrun Township

Lucinda Dick and Edith Crawford to Green Land LLC, 10 acres on Scroggs Road; $100,000

Fairfield Township

Deborah Wayman to Karen Shugart, et al, home 6.4 acres on Camelot Drive; $375,000

Delbert Shafer (sheriff’s sale) to Cindy Schmidt, et al, home and 14 acres on state Route 558; $86,000

Hanover Township

Susan Moss to Steven D. and Steven R. Rudibaugh, 2.3 acres on state Route 172; $19,000

Marilyn Scott to R & P Kiko Land LLC, home and 78 acres on McCann Road; $425,000

Knox Township

Rodney Iden to Jacob Sanor, home and 2.4 acres on Georgetown Road; $120,000

Maendel Family Trust to James and Heather Toussant, manufactured home and 8.3 acres on Hartley Road; $134,769

Jerry and Margaret Wheeler to John and Kimberly Neidert, trustees, home on Stanley Court; $153,000


Mark and Lisa Heddleson to Michael and Carrie Monahan, home on Lisbon Street; $68,000

Polychem Oms System to Patriot Land Co., commercial building and 1.9 acres at 4 Washington St.; $225,000

Kala Wadlow to Lakeview Loan Servicing, home on Chestnut Street; $66,880


Wayne Herrod to Kimpres Real Estate, home on East Lincoln Way; $7,700

Liverpool Township

Donald Beck (sheriff’s sale) to JP Morgan Chase Bank, home on Crestview Drive; $12,000

Samuel Metz to Angela Rodriquez, home on Imperial Drive; $165,000

Mary Smith to Mark and Tamera Smith, home on Boring Lane; $100,000

June Munoz to Katey May, home on Meadow Road; $98,000

Middleton Township

Patricia Sutherin to Rebecca and David Baker II, home on Richardson Avenue; $65,000

New Waterford

Randy and Stephanie Hill to U.S. Bank National Association, home on North Main Street; $40,000

Perry Township

Homes 4U Tri-County Inc. to Scott and Serena Hawkins, condominium on Elberon Avenue; $194,000

Dorothy Shinn to Randall and Paula Bates, home on Depot Road; $69,300

Mark and Deborah Wagner to Drew Leggett, home on Brookview Drive; $197,500

Robert Vermilyea to Stanley and Sandra Grabill, home on East Pidgeon Road; $20,000

Clyde Stratman to Ohio Woods Investing, home on Stewart Road; $60,000


David Nestic to William Dawes Inc., retail property at 129 S. Broadway Avenue; $86,500

James Armeni Jr. to Molly and Clyde Deland Jr., home on Merle Road; $182,500

Kristina Banet to Anthony and Martha Coleman, home on North Union Avenue; $167,500

Robert Borton to Joan Borton, home on Park Avenue; $88,000

Joseph and Kathryn Narvet to Home Savings Bank, home on Robin Avenue; $46,000

Salem Township

Lisa Alzua and Douglas Keller to Terry and Marilyn Scott, home on state Route 45; $170,000

Dale and Cathie Evans to Rebecca and Paul Peppel Jr., home and 4.2 acres on Teegarden Road; $213,000

Carla Irving (sheriff’s sale) to Larry Rhoads, home and 4.6 acres on Crestview Road; $122,000

Michael Varney to Lakeview Loan Servicing, home on Depot Road; $61,881

St. Clair Township

Beverly Ade to Scott and Jacqueline Barrett, home on state Route 170; $77,500

R & T Green Realty to Jerry Johnson, home at 16127 Rankin St.; $15,000

Unity Township

Scott Huffer,et al, to David and Georgiana Murphy, home and 2.5 acres on England Drive; $151,000

Judith Taylor to Andrew and Kristie Long, home and 9.6 acres on Waterford Road; $153,000

Catherine and Amos Bechtel III to James Matthey and Monica Bechtel, home and 5.7 acres on McCloskey Road; $156,000

Washington Township

Estate of William Gill Jr., et al, to Margaret and William Gill Jr., partial interest in 40 acres on state Route 164; $38,250

Estate of William Gill Jr., et al, to William Gill Jr., partial interest in 79 acres on Oak Grove Road; $66,000

West Township

George and Twylla Hawk Trust to Thomas Hawk and Sheri Crispin, 95 acres on Rochester Road; $93,500

George and Twylla Hawk Trust to Daniel and Jane Rohr, 31 acres on Hawk Road; $194,337

Karen Pennock and Ronald Lutton to Cara Bentley, home on U.S. Route 30; $118,900

Kevin and Tracy Marshall to Jason and Corrine Fiehler, home and 11 acres on Lowmiller Road; $449,500


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