Exams, glasses provided at Crestview

Optometrist Becky Brown gives an exam to Crestview student Jackson Yoho during the iSee event Wednesday. (Salem News photo by Deanne Johnson)

NEW WATERFORD — It’s impossible to do well in school when you cannot see the board or the paperwork in front of you.

Nearly 50 Crestview students who needed an eye exam were scheduled to get them Wednesday and Thursday, as part of an effort to make certain students can clearly see both at home and in school.

But unlike other efforts to provide free exams for students, this event also provides two pairs of free glasses to the students who need them.

According to information provided by the event’s organizers, nearly 50 percent of students who do not pass the school vision screening fail to follow up with an eye care provider.

The iSee program at Crestview was made possible by the Ohio Optometric Foundation and Sight for All United with the support of Farmers National Bank and the Essilor Vision Foundation helping to cover the costs. Students taking part in the program are receiving about $250 in services. Additionally, several local optometrists and ophthalmologists donated their time to provide exams to the students — Rebecca Brown, Chad Moreschi, Sergul Erzurum, John Conrad, Tracey Needham, Cheryl Archer and John Archer.

Since 2017, Sight for All United has treated 675 students in the this area and iSee has treated 1,414 students across the state.

Those involved with the program credited nurse Janet Leipheimer for inviting the group to Crestview Schools for the two-day event.


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