Goshen Township Trustees reserve spot for indigent burials

GOSHEN TOWNSHIP–Township trustees Monday night reserved a section of cemetery land for burials of people with no money.

The trustees approved four lots with one grave at the far back corner of the East Goshen Cemetery new section for indigent burials. Three cremations can be buried per grave.

Indigent refers to someone considered poverty-stricken and the burials of such people are the responsibility of the state, or in this case the township. The trustees made reserved the section of cemetery after last month facing the possibility of having to bury someone, a first for the current trustees and fiscal officer.

Trustee Chair Bob McCracken said the township ended up not having to bury the person, but decided a policy should be in place for the future.

In other business, McCracken asked Road Foreman Matt Springer to speak with the Columbiana County Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) region to request the section of U.S. Route 62 heading west out of Damascus be established as a no passing zone, with a double yellow line painted to Smith Goshen Road. He said it is currently approved for passing, but that the Dollar General has been constructed in that section, making it a danger for motorists entering and exiting the parking lot.

Also at the meeting, the trustees accepted the resignation of police officer Brian Moore.

Additionally Damascus Fire Chief Derek Day reminded residents to use common sense when open burning, noting the department does not police it, but will respond to a complaint. He also reminded residents to have their chimney cleaned before using them this season. He said his department has recently responded to both a brush fire and chimney fire.

Also, McCracken reported the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) has approved the official closure of the railroad crossings on Smith Goshen and Calla roads, meaning school buses and hazardous material trucks no longer have to stop at them.

McCracken also reported the Mahoning County Commissioners have selected him to serve on the NOPEC board for 2020 and 2021. He has served the past five years on the board.

The next regular trustees meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. Nov. 9 at the administration building.


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