Washingtonville to hire engineer for pipe project

WASHINGTONVILLE — Village Council this week approved hiring of an engineer to plan the replacement of a pipe along the west side of South County Line Road.

Council authorized Utilities Superintendent Brian Gudat to contract with Howells and Baird civil engineers to plan the project to remove the sidewalk and replace more than 360 feet of pipe. The engineer plans are needed to hire a contractor for the project.

Gudat reported to council this week that a video camera was ran through the pipe after a sink hole opened up alongside the sidewalk in the 400 block. He said the camera revealed the bottom of the majority of the pipe is rotted out.

Gudat said he believes the sidewalk will have to be removed, the pipe dug up and replaced and a new sidewalk installed from 845 S. County Line Road to the creek, and maybe further since it will eventually need done as well.

Gudat said there are no cost estimates at this time.

Prior to authorizing Gudat to contract with Howells and Baird, Fiscal Officer Dale Davis told council an engineer is an insurance that the job is done right, otherwise who will be responsible for saying the sidewalk is replaced correctly if council simply hires a contractor. Councilman Herman Frank III shared Davis’ concern, noting without an engineer, the job could eventually cost more in the long run if council has to repair a mistake.

In response to a question from council, Gudat said depending on village easement the new pipe could be installed to the west of the sidewalk for future maintenance, but the sidewalk would still have to come out now to remove the damaged pipe.

Also at the meeting, Gudat reported a second sink hole has opened up at the driveway of 840 S. County Line Road, across the road from the first one. He said the hole is approximately 3.5 feet deep into an 8-inch clay pipe. He said the pipe needs dug up to see what is going on.

Council authorized Gudat to find someone to dig up the pipe, cut out the damaged part and replace it.