Fiscal officer works to clear old checks on books since ‘02


Fiscal Officer John Volio will report back to the trustees on how to clean up some outstanding checks that remain on the books from as far back as 2002 and 2003, saying it’s likely some of them were reissued.

The topic came up during the financial report when Volio reported a bank balance of $1,609,379 and $29,091 worth of outstanding checks. He said a large majority of them are old, old checks. Eventually, he said a plan would be to close them out and put them in unclaimed funds or trace them back to see if they were reissued.

“We’re going to have to come up with a plan for that,” he said.

According to Trustee Jim Armeni, the amount of outstanding old checks was mentioned in the last audit and he thought it was being taken care of. Looking at who some of the checks were written to, Volio said he imagined they were paid and just didn’t get backed out. He said the problem will be backing up to 2003 and trying to find out if they were reissued.

He also reported about the capital projects fund, which Armeni had asked about at the last meeting when it wasn’t on the list of funds. Volio discovered the fund was closed out last year and there was no court order to do it. Before the state audit, he said they’ll need to attempt to get a court order.

In another financial matter, trustees agreed to increase appropriations in the road and bridge fund by $150,000 to cover the cost of the new truck that’s coming for the road department. The truck had been ordered and the money appropriated last year, but with the new year, the money had to be reappropriated.

Trustee Chair Steve Bailey reported the police department has been manually washing the cruisers, which was costing $160 a month considering their wages. For $20 a month, he said Emigh learned they can get an unlimited plan from Salem Car Wash, which will save money and the officers’ time. After three months, they’ll evaluate how it’s working out.

Bailey also reported that the dispatch contract is being finalized and an inventory list has been completed of all the equipment in the police department with years purchased so they can get equipment on a rotation. The same type of inventory will be done for the fire department and road department.

He said he attended a meeting at the Columbiana County Engineer’s Office for new trustees and learned the township will receive $73,887 toward paving this year and won’t be eligible for more funding for another 10 years, noting this is the last portion of funding for the township. The township has received money from the engineer’s office in recent years for paving.

Bailey thanked the Salem Community Foundation for donating three desks to the police department, noting the department had some really old desks. The old desks will go to the road department. Armeni reported the road department has been called out two or three times in the last 10 days for snow and ice with no breakdowns. Workers also cut some tree limbs that were hanging down over the roads.

Armeni reported receiving a phone call regarding someone wanting to put in a dog kennel on a property on Depot Road. Zoning Officer Allan Wolfgang had also received calls, including a call from the person wanting to put in the kennel. He said it would require a variance and he suggested they talk to the neighbors first to see if there’s opposition or not before filing the fee for a variance. Nothing has been filed.

In other business, resident Maria Harrold asked if trustees have anything to do with what cable company serves the area. Bailey said the township doesn’t have any control over that, it’s whatever company is in the area.



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