Lawsuit filed over local monument business name and operation

LISBON – A lawsuit was filed by O.T. Beight and Sons Inc. of East Palestine involving longtime employees allegedly taking over control of the Richardson Monument business in Lisbon.

According to the lawsuit, O.T. Beight and Sons, Inc. purchased Richardson Monument on Lee Avenue in Lisbon in February 2012 and had been operating the business, selling custom designed headstones and other monuments from the location.

However, according to the lawsuit, Wayne D. Brock and Carly C. Brock, who were both longtime employees of O.T. Beight, were operating Richardson’s Monuments on O.T. Beight’s behalf. The Brocks also lived on the property and refused to allow Eric Beight access to inspect the property on Jan. 25, 2020. Wayne Brock reportedly forcibly prevented Beight from entering the office or inspecting the records and called Lisbon police. The responding police officer reportedly told Eric Beight to leave and not to return or face arrest.

The lawsuit alleges Brock also told Beight they had obtained a Tax Identification Number for the business name Richardson Monuments, Inc. and the business now belonged to them. Beight immediately fired them.

Additionally, Carly Brock, whose maiden name was Beight, reportedly instructed another employee of O.T. Beight and Sons not to renew the fictitious name registration filing with the Ohio Secretary of State that allowed O.T. Beight and Sons to do business as Richardson Monuments, Inc. Then on Nov. 15, the Brocks filed articles of incorporation giving them the name Richardson Monuments, Inc.

The lawsuit claims the Brocks are unlawfully operating from the location and using the real estate, credit and other assets belonging to O.T. Beight and Sons and owes the company $4,000 per month in rental value, as well as currently unknown and to be determined amounts for use of the equipment, loss of inventory and profits and other damages to be determined.

On Jan. 30, O.T. Beight reportedly served a notice to leave the premises to the Brocks involving the home they reside in.

The lawsuit seeks possession of the business, property, equipment and a ruling stopping the Brocks from using the name Richardson Monuments or Richardson Monuments Inc. to conduct further business. Additionally, the lawsuit seeks in excess of $25,000 in damages.


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