New Waterford mayor sees good chance for H2Ohio grants

NEW WATERFORD– Since the last village council meeting, Mayor Shane Patrone spoke with the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency regarding its new H2Ohio project that gives out infrastructure grants, and he shared the results with council at Tuesday’s meeting.

Given the stage in the project, New Waterford became the first recipient of an H2Ohio grant, which provided $500,000 of the Crestview water project. On Jan. 31, the OEPA set up a press conference at Crestview High School to present the grant.

“After some other conversations with them, I have a real good feeling about our next few projects,” Patrone said. “The reason we got this is because of the success of our first project, the way the second project is going and how we’ve been able to complete these projects in a good timeline. They see this as a joint venture between two different government agencies and they’re excited about it.”

In other business, council approved the adoption of the updated 2020 county hazard mitigation plan. The village’s choice was to adopt the plan that the county made or to create its own, and Patrone said that about 85-90 percent of municipalities adopt the county’s plan.

“They’ve already gotten everyone together and did the research, so we just adopt their plan,” Patrone said. “That way, if there’s a hazardous situation, we abide by the plan they have in place.”

Council also took the first step in the last process of waterline completion through the village by passing a resolution to allow Patrone to apply for, accept and enter into a water supply revolving loan account for the planning of the final phase of the project, Phase 3B.

Patrone announced they are working with the Ohio State extension office and Rowdy Wrangler 4-H Club to create a dog park. The club is getting donations for fencing and has about $11,000 pledged for the project. Patrone and Village Manager Jason Gorby believe they have found the perfect place for a potential dog park, and the extension office is fully on board with the project.

“My hope is that, with any luck, by summer time, if everything goes through with the donations that they expect, he can get it rolling,” Patrone said.

The next regularly scheduled meeting is at 6 p.m. March 10.



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