Pizza shop closed as Garofalo battles virus

LISBON — One of the village’s oldest and most successful businesses, Mary’s Pizza, has been sent reeling by the coronavirus.

The pizza shop is closed temporarily as Steve Garofalo recovers from COVID-19 at St Elizabeth’s Hospital in Youngstown.

All the while the family mourns the passing of Steve’s father, 85-year-old Lorenzo “Larry” Garofalo, who died of the virus on March 23.

The family does not think the two gave the virus to each other because they have had no physical contact in the last month.

According to the News’ news partner, WKBN First News, Steve Garofalo, 55, is currently being weaned off a respirator.

“We’ve gotten great news the past two or three days. He’s starting to recover so we’ve been elated, to say the least,” said Nathan Garofalo, Steve’s son, told WKBN.

The health department quarantined the family after Steve fell ill, “and that’s why we had to shut down the business for the meantime. We’re all doing well. We’ve been following the health department’s protocol,” Nathan said.

The family is unable to visit Steve in the hospital, but they nurses are helping keep them updated on his condition.

“I mean, the nurses and the doctor’s staff have been stellar,” Nathan told WKBN. “They call us with updates. The nurse he has, her name’s Lydia, she, God bless her heart, she’s done everything so well to take care of my dad,. They’re trying to limit the amount of access they have into the rooms. So when she goes in and does something, she’ll call us so we can talk to dad.”

Nathan said no one else in his family, which also includes mother Dianna and sister Hannah, has shown any signs of the virus. They remain in quarantine.


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