Mayor will seek non-binding single trash hauler bids

LEETONIA — Mayor Kevin Siembida will seek non-binding bids for a single trash hauler to present information to the public.

Village Council’s street committee authorized Siembida to seek the bids in order to have information to provide the public regarding a switch to a single trash hauler for residential customers.

Councilman Neal Bayless noted in order to present an opt-out single trash hauler option for residents, it will have to be placed on an election ballot so residents can decide on the issue. The issue would have to be submitted to the board of elections in August to have it placed on the November election.

Bayless said he believes a single hauler contract would be a good idea if the village is investing in road pavement, reducing the wear and tear on the roads.

In other business, Mayor Kevin Siembida said he has been corresponding with the Columbiana County Port Authority regarding a possible loan for the village’s 2020 road paving program. He said he has scheduled a conference call this week to establish parameters of a loan, which he said the port authority has indicated cannot exceed $700,000 over six to seven years.

Siembida said he has been discussing two options with the port authority. He said the first is a cost of $956,000, but is not feasible at this point with a potential recession.

He said the second one is $750,000, and suggested council consider it. The option does not include Chestnut Street due to utility work slated for crossing streets that would tear up the pavement. He also said Pine Street could be removed because there is possible Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funding available to resurface it.

Fiscal Officer Randy Chismar said the village will generate approximately $120,000 to $125,000 this year in gas and permissive use tax, but will bring in approximately $160,000 next year thanks to increases council approved earlier this year. The paving program would cut into the street fund, although not completely deplete it, he noted.

Also at the meeting, Siembida reported the village’s cost to participate in the county’s chip and seal program this year is $13,223, with $3,500 coming from the fire fund, to resurface alleys and the fire hall parking lot. He said the list can be trimmed to cut the cost, but that despite financial concerns about participating, council does not have to pull out of the program until mid-July.

Chismar told council earlier this month a decrease of 20 to 25 percent in the gas tax revenue this year could eliminate any chip and seal projects this year.

Siembida said he believes council should try to chip and seal a couple alleys each year, if possible, to keep up with the repairs.


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