Salem Health Board applies for COVID tracing grant funds

SALEM — The city Health Board held an emergency meeting Wednesday afternoon related to a contact tracing grant for COVID-19 through the Ohio Department of Health. The paperwork is due June 4, so a special meeting was called to get the board’s approval for the application, the budget and the work plan and a job description if the department is able to hire a contact tracing nurse to help with the effort. Health Commissioner Alanna Stainbrook explained that contact tracing is the process of contacting anyone who’s been in contact with someone who tested positive for the Coronavirus to make them aware of the need to quarantine and then to check on them everyday during the quarantine to see if they’re developing any symptoms and direct them on what to do if symptoms do appear. The department had already been doing contact tracing, but now the Ohio Department of Health is making grant money available to help with the process.


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