Plan in place, Crestview ready to take roll call

NEW WATERFORD — With plans in hand to restart the school year, the Crestview Local School District is asking parents to make a decision by noon Thursday if their child is returning to school or learning virtually.

A letter to families asks for families to stay with whatever choice they make for at least nine weeks for students in grades kindergarten through eighth grade and 18 weeks for high school students.

Superintendent Matthew Manley said the survey will allow the school district to make decisions regarding whether certain staff members will be focusing on remote learning or spending time in the classrooms. It will help them determine how they can best space the children apart to protect the ones in the buildings, yet give them good learning environment.

Mostly, Manley said the school plan is about using science to guide them through the pandemic while continuing to educate students.

Students at Crestview will have their temperatures checked by an overhead thermal scanner, which will show an elevated temperature without the students even stopping. However, those with a high temperature will be evaluated by the school nurse.

In kindergarten through second grade, there will be five teachers instead of four to allow more spacing for the smaller children.

The school has purchased masks, a CR neck gaiter and face shields for each of the students and staff. Additionally, the district has purchased tri-fold plexiglas desk dividers. There will be increased hand sanitizing stations in the school, on buses and at recess.

Students will not be sharing supplies and there will be limitations moving through the hallways and lockers.

An extra custodian has been hired to do nothing except clean touch surfaces all day. The electromagnetic hospital-grade sprayers are being used in all the buildings.

Outside learning will be encouraged in good weather. The cafeteria areas have expanded seating. Breakfast will be grab and go and lunch choices will be limited.

Recesses are planned for elementary and middle school students.

There will be facial coverings on buses for students who can wear them and disposal coverings are available on the buses if a student forgets their own. The seating on the buses will be assigned and loaded from the back to the front.

There is flexibility in the plan so it can be adjusted if the coronavirus situations worsens or improves.



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