South Range sets reopening plan

ANFIELD – The South Range school board has changed course and will now open the K-12 campus this fall with a hybrid of in-person and remote learning as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Schools Superintendent Bethany Carlson Tuesday night presented the revised plan which is now available on the district’s website. The new plan is a hybrid, alternating schedule with half the students attending Monday and Wednesday and the other half Tuesday and Thursday, with alternating Fridays. The students will be using remote learning the days they are not on campus and families will remain together.

Carlson said the administrative team created the hybrid schedule because it became apparent there is not enough room to socially distance if all students return five days a week. She said she conducted a walk through of the campus with the building principals to determine how close students would be to each other and the impact on the student body if just one student were to test positive for COVID-19. She said the number of students who would be returning in the fall would not have fit into the building while maintaining social distancing guidelines and the district would not have been able to meet the needs of the students educationally, socially and fiscally due to constant interruptions in learning.

Carlson said the hybrid plan solves the spacing problem because only half the student body will be attending at one time. That means classroom desks can be spread out, hallways and cafeteria will be less crowded and there will once again be one bus route and a universal arrival and departure time. Lockers can also be assigned so that distance can be maintained before and after classes.

In the classroom, all students in grades kindergarten through 12 will have to wear a face covering. There will also be barriers around each desk. Students in grades kindergarten through six will eat in their classrooms, while those in grades seven through 12 will eat in the cafeteria, which will be limited to a quarter capacity.

Water fountains will be turned off, but bottle filling stations will be available.

For students who participate in the remote learning program, daily attendance will be taken through the program or a teacher and daily academic schedules will be assigned. Parents must make a nine-week commitment and may also make a year-long commitment. Arrangements will be made so the student can participate in extracurricular activities and elective courses.

The district will not have thermoscan, but Carlson said students will be monitored by thermometers before entering the building and can be isolated if showing signs of COVID. Any student showing signs of or tests positive for COVID will be asked to quarantine and contract tracing will be conducted to see if any other students need to quarantine.

To view the complete plan visit www.southrange.k12.oh.us. The board changed the start date for students to Sept. 8. Carlson said the rest of the school calendar will remain the same and the extra week before students arrived will be used to train faculty and staff on the restart plan.

The board also approved supplemental coaching contracts to Savannah Taylor for middle school volleyball, Marisa Miner for middle school volleyball, Jacob Zinni for assistant football, Joseph Staffeld for assistant boys soccer, John Cullen for boys varsity basketball, Jeff Fishel for girls varsity basketball, Levi Hively for high school wrestling and Craig Brinker for assistant boys basketball.



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