Most money spent on heated race

LISBON — The most contentious local race also is where the most money is being spent as we near the General Election in about 10 days.

Local candidates, parties and PACs were required to provide their pre-election spending numbers by late Thursday afternoon.

The race for county prosecutor between Republican Vito Abruzzino and Chief Assistant County Prosecutor John Gamble, a Democrat, has been were the most money has been spent with just over $55,000 between them.

Abruzzino has raised more funds and spent more than Gamble. His campaigns total funds raised are $43,049 with $32,094 spent. He also lists receiving $12,820 in in-kind donations.

By contrast, Gamble has raised $37,545 and spent $22,916 on his campaign. Additionally, his campaign lists $8,570 in in-kind donations.

The Columbiana County Republican Party has spent $47,639 promoting their ticket of candidates for the General Election with $3,813 in in-kind donations. The total funds the GOP had in the coffers before spending was $118,617.

The Columbiana County Democratic Committee has a total $7,635 balance of and has spent $4,502 of that on this fall’s election.

The race for county recorder both men have spent a little more than they have brought in. James Armeni lists $709 raised and $710 spent. Additionally, he lists $1,115 in in-kind donations. Zackary Puchajda has spent $1,165, while he has raised $961, leaving him with a negative balance of nearly $205. He lists a $175 in in-kind donations.

The race for county treasurer also has been low spending. The incumbent Linda Bolon lists $4,787 only in in-kind contributions. The challenger Bryan Blakeman lists $491 raised and spent, while listing another $1,680 in in-kind donations.

In the race for county commissioner, John R. Dyce has raised a total of $8,008 and spent $6,402. He reports $311 in in-kind donations. His opponent Roy Paparodis has raised $2,580 and spent all but $72 so far.

In other races and issues around the county:

— The Columbiana County Mental Health and Recovery Services Board has spent $4,922 on their levy.

— Supporters of Columbiana County Parks and Greenway Trail have spent $1,374 of the $2,775 raised toward promoting the levy.

— The committee supporting Brian McLaughlin for sheriff has spent $759.

— The Salem Area Republicans reported $140 spent from their $1,943 carry over balance.


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