Rogers woman headed for prison on theft, drug charges

LISBON — Samantha Sisco, a 31-year-old woman from the Rogers area, was sentenced to two years in prison Monday after Judge Megan Bickerton admitted she was not certain how else she can help her to stay clean and sober.

Assistant County Prosecutor Alec Beech said Sisco is a repeat felony offender with drug use generally involved or leading to her crimes. He pointed out Sisco did not appear for her sentencing hearing in October, leading to a bench warrant being issued. She even faces new charges for her actions after she pleaded guilty last July to grand theft of a motor vehicle, aggravated possession of drugs, possession of heroin and possession of a fentanyl related compound.

Defense attorney Jennifer Gorby said she has known Sisco for many years, representing her in the past, and she believes Sisco has always served prison time for the charges she has faced through the years. Gorby indicated Sisco knows she has a problem and needs help and tools to change the way she’s been living her life.

While Beech was suggesting the 24-month prison sentence, Gorby asked Bickerton to give Sisco a chance to go to the Eastern Ohio Correction Center to get help for her addiction problems instead.

Bickerton said she has looked at Sisco’s criminal record and it started as an unruly juvenile. Additionally, Bickerton talked about Sisco’s five children, none of whom are in her custody and were never given any choice in the life they are living. Bickerton noted the choices are all Sisco’s to make.

“One of the most shocking things is you’re sitting here today,” Bickerton said. “In some of these cases you are found by the side of the road, half conscious. You don’t have to live this life.”

Bickerton further pointed to the grand theft of a motor vehicle charge, a fourth-degree felony. She said the woman who owned the vehicle had taken her in and was offering to take her to get help with her drug addiction.

“The person whose car you stole was trying to help you,” Bickerton said. “She was planning to take you to rehab and you instead stole her car. She had children of her own and she used that car to take her kids to school. You didn’t care. You were only worried about you and getting high.”

In another of the cases, Sisco gave the name of a relative to try to get out of trouble because she had a warrant and drugs.

Sisco reportedly has pending cases in Mahoning County, with the adult parole authority and in East Liverpool Municipal Court.

Bickerton continued that Sisco, despite her lengthy record was placed in drug court in 2018 and did not take advantage of the program. Until she was picked up on the warrant in this case, Bickerton said Sisco seemed to be still using.

“You could have a long life ahead of you,” Bickerton said. “The only one who can make a difference is you.”



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