CCH Solid Waste District opens new facility

A drive to recycle old appliances such as TVs and computer monitors was held at the Columbiana County Fairgrounds Vaccination Complex through the CCH Solid Waste District, including the assistance of Tony Guidone, recycling coordinator for the CCH Solid Waste District (right) and Curtis Frase, who drives and maintains equipment for the CCH Solid Waste District. (Salem News photo by Deanne Johnson)

CARROLLTON — The trucks that pick up the recycling bins throughout the Carroll, Columbiana and Harrison Solid Waste District will have a new home after the grand opening earlier this week of the group’s new headquarters.

Columbiana County Commissioner Tim Weigle said the new garage at the back of the new facility provides room for all three of the organization’s trucks, keeping them out of the weather and providing a place to store and maintain the other items needed.

The new facility also provides new office space with the convenience of being on the first floor.

CCH Solid Waste District Director Missy Burchfield said the facility cost about $716,000, coming mostly from money the department received through oil and mud drilling. Additionally, the CCH Solid Waste District recently received a $200,000 grant and a $50,000 match, money used for the purchase of a truck, a skid steerer and a bailer for cardboard.

Some of that equipment was used on Thursday as the CCH Solid Waste District was able to utilize the Vaccination Complex, an indoor drive-through facility at the Columbiana County Fairgrounds for this year’s electronics recycling event.

Burchfield said the response was overwhelming and they are still returning the phone calls of everyone from Columbiana County who left a message about dropping off their items. Besides Thursday, another day has been scheduled for those who have an appointment. At this point, additional appointments are not available beyond those who have already left a message because they have collected nearly half a semi truck load full.



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