Lisbon’s splash pad will be open this summer

LISBON — The community pool will remain closed for repairs for the 2021 season, but those looking to cool off this summer can still do so at the splash pad at Cedar Street park.

At a previous village council meeting, pool and parks department supervisor Dana Blackburn recommended that the village open the splash pad for the season. Council has not yet landed on the specifications surrounding the operation of the splash pad such as the supervision and hours of operation, but they agreed to open the area. An opening date has not been set.

Village officials are still debating the future of the pool considering the initial estimate for the repairs needed was estimated to be upwards of $250,000 by a pool consulting firm. The firm said that the concrete surrounding the circulation system has started to deteriorate which has caused major leaking. Repairing the circulation system would be both costly and extensive considering the entire pool would need to be torn up. The village does not currently have the allotted funds for the repairs and grants for swimming pool repairs are hard to come by according to Mayor Peter Wilson.

Councilman and parks department representative Ryan Berg previously reported to council that the department plans on repairing the shallow end of the pool first to see if that will fix the issue. Repairing the shallow end will give access to the plumbing of the pool and will allow them to check for leaks. The repairs are expected to cost $50,000, but if those repairs don’t fix the problem, another option that council is considering is to remove the pool entirely from the park. Council decided to let village residents voice their opinions on the matter through a survey that came with their March water bill, and according to Wilson, the majority of the surveys came back in favor of repairing the pool. 147 voted in favor of the repairs and 50 voted against repairs. Berg said that the issue of the pool is not a matter of yes or no, but a matter of feasibility.

“We’re going to proceed with the first phase right now, if that fixes the problem, we’re in great shape and we’re ready to open next year,” Berg said. “As of now, it’s not a yes or no, it’s a yes, we’re still working on it, but if we get to that point, where are we going to get the $250,000?”

Berg said that the department is looking to start repairs late summer or early fall.



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