Whispering Pines to host senior walk

COLUMBIANA–Whispering Pines Village Director Samantha Nutter and Brian Raneri, owner and personal trainer at The Workout Center, are anticipating welcoming those 55 and older Saturday for a walk around the Whispering Pines Campus.

The Spring into Steps with Seniors event will take place at 937 East Park Ave. between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m.

Sponsored by Silver Sneakers, a program the promotes health and well-being among Medicare insurance recipients, the event will include a walk along the perimeter of the campus four times until they have walked a mile. Medicare providers such as Aetna and Medical Mutual will also be set up along with Silver Sneakers at the event.

Those who register by emailing snutter@capitalseniorlving.net before May 13 will get a free T-shirt. Registration is open till 10:45 the day of the walk.

“It’s been a long time coming so I feel like this is a good ‘feel good’ day,” said Nutter.

Nutter is looking forward to the social aspect of the event. She said that the isolation caused regression among aging residents.

Nutter explained that even with physical therapy, residents lost out on some activities that proved essential to mental well-being during Covid.

“The health benefit is the overall, so getting out and getting the fresh air and having a good time to keep that mental peace of their life active and physically walking and doing something,” said Nutter.

Nutter and Raneri said people getting vaccinated makes events like this safer and contribute to overall mental and physical health.

Raneri explained the anticipation people had to get back to his Silver Sneaker class. He received many calls but felt much safer opening when the vaccines were out. His Silver Sneaker class quickly increased from nine people to 18.

“A lot of them, they couldn’t wait to get back to even my Silver Sneaker Classes that I have,” he said.

Raneri explained that many Silver Sneaker participants struggled during the pandemic.

“You could tell, because it doesn’t take long for an older person especially with health issues to deteriorate by staying idle and not doing anything,” he explained.

Raneri pointed out there’s a mental aspect to physical health. He said those who are still unable to get out and isolating can take advantage of Silver Sneakers classes online, use household items or give The Workout Center a call at 3304825582.

“You gotta keep moving, don’t be afraid of any kind of equipment or gym atmosphere, places like people at my gym are very good at helping others. There’s nothing to be intimidated about,” said Raneri.

Raneri explained getting exercise, keeping your body moving, is vital.

“I have a lot of older people that I have trained that are very strong and there’s been people I’ve known that it’s saved their lives,” he said.


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