Father’s Day Eve Stroll planned in Columbiana

COLUMBIANA –Parent Bob Krosky encourages fathers and residents to join him at 1 p.m. Saturday for a Father’s Day Eve Stroll. Participants are invited to visit the Area Chamber of Commerce afterwards.

“We are hoping probably around an hour for the actual walk and the area chamber of commerce was nice enough to coordinate the street festival along with that,” he said.

Chomps from the Cleveland Browns will come to the Father’s Day Eve stroll, too.

Krosky, the event co-organizer, worked with county initiatives to create an event supporting “responsible fatherhood.”

Krosky experienced several people who approached his table at a local restaurant complimenting him for taking his daughter out to eat during visitation. Krosky believes his role as a father shouldn’t be rare.

“I saw that and…it’s like there’s got to be something we can do about this,” Krosky said.

Krosky contacted the Ohio Fatherhood Commission and began to work with county initiatives to promote fatherhood.

The goal of the program encourages new fathers. Krosky also wants to address the financial burden fathers might have when relationships end.

Krosky wants men to understand that being a father means putting your child before yourself and being a good role model.

Krosky anticipates getting a $10,000 grant for the county.

“Responsible fatherhood is something we can all embrace. We are all in this together,” Krosky said.


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