Land bank pilot program in Lisbon

Lisbon Mayor Peter Wilson, Land Bank Executive Director Haedan Panezott, Landmark Foundation President Barb DeCort and Columbiana County Commissioner Roy Paparodis gather for the kickoff of the Land Bank’s new pilot program with the Landmark Foundation. (Submitted photo)

The Columbiana County Land Reutilization Corp. (Land Bank) is launching a pilot program with the Lisbon Landmark Foundation to help renovate buildings in the village’s historic downtown.

Under terms of the agreement, the Land Bank will grant $10,000 to the Foundation to help it begin restoration on the Nace Pharmacy building at 111-115 N. Market Street. Most of the funds will be used to improve the building’s facade, including new doors and windows, and fortify the back wall.

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with the Landmark Foundation,” said Land Bank Executive Director Haedan Panezott. “This gives us the opportunity to expand our portfolio,” while “potentially providing a local business the opportunity to flourish in a building that may have otherwise sat vacant.”

Under terms of the agreement, the Land Bank will receive its grant money back with interest after five years or when the building is sold.

“This is a new partnership, a new beginning,” said Landmark Foundation President Barb DeCort. “This is good for the Land Bank, the Landmark Foundation and the village of Lisbon. We are thankful to the Land Bank board and the county commissioners for helping us.”

The Nace Pharmacy building, located next to the Columbiana County Law Library, was built around 1830. The Foundation has been working on restoring it for the past two years.

The Land Bank is already active in Lisbon, having acquired four houses, which are subsequently sold to rehabbers once renovations are completed. The Land Bank also recently awarded a grant to the Lisbon Area Chamber of Commerce to create a pollinator park at the Columbiana County fairgrounds.

“We appreciate all the Land Bank is doing for the village,” said Lisbon Mayor Peter Wilson. “They continue to help us in a variety of ways.”


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