New Waterford to host its fishing tournament July 4

NEW WATERFORD — The village is preparing for the Fourth of July fishing tournament.

Times for that holiday event, which is a Sunday this year, are 8 to 9 a.m. for children and 9 to 10 a.m. for adults. The event is family centered with a live band and bounce house.

Also during the meeting, council read an anonymous letter addressing the geese in the park. Mayor Shane Patrone said the village is in the process of removing the geese. He said he was dissatisfied when the village was told the troubleshooting process would regress after the original person who had been removing the geese retired.

“He said by spring we would have a lot less geese. Well, we’ve got about 60 new babies already this spring,” he said.

Chad Hess of the utilities department said the village has tried fireworks, decoys, shaking the eggs and eliminating the non-Canada geese in hopes of controlling the population in the park. These methods have been unsuccessful. An ordinance is in place to not feed the geese.

“You feed ’em, their yours,” joked council member Tom Cresanto.

Patrone said a company in Cleveland will load the geese in a trailer and take them away. The village did obtain a nesting permit allowing the removal of eggs from nests.

Hess said he and a crew member walked the creek through the park past the bridge removing goose eggs.

Also, an anonymous letter addressed a problem with non-leashed dogs. Patrone wants to remind residents there are leash laws in place.

Also, resident Rob Athey brought concerns to council regarding a fire hydrant placed in his yard. Athey said the hydrant sank and asked when the city will be able to work on it next.

Another resident brought concerns to council regarding what he considered a nuisance property. The property beside his residence appears to have two dogs in a pen with excessive feces and odor. Patrone said the health department, humane society and dog warden will look into addressing the complaint. Patrone said if there is a buildup of dog feces it will be considered a nuisance.

Athey also addressed the amount of garbage trucks in the village. He asked about having only one garbage company service the village.

Patrone explained choosing a garbage company would involve having a resolution, placing the resolution on the ballot and having residents vote on it. He said he did attempt to have only one company but they were threatened with a lawsuit when one company could not provide smaller garbage trucks.

“They threatened us and had their stuff, so we’ve been dealing with all that,” he said. “But, eventually yes, that is the plan, to have one garbage company come in and do the whole town in one day.”

Also, Fiscal Officer Dave Slagle said the village is completing the replacement of the water system. West Main Street is getting meter pits, where the meter is located for residents. New England Square, Church Street and Taylor Street will get new lines and meter pits. The work is part of a $1.1 million project. Ohio Works Small Government gave a grant of $499,999. The Environmental Protection Agency gave the village 50 percent principle forgiveness and zero interest for 30 years.


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