Local Little Free Library honors late veteran

“Wags” sits under the Little Free Library at Beloit Village Park as a donation from Phyllis Naylor in memory of Colonel Dwight E. Naylor, USMC. (Submitted photo)

BELOIT–Phyllis Naylor and her late sister Beverly Groh are granting a free library at the village as a legacy to Phyllis’ late husband Colonel Dwight E. Naylor USMC.

The library will be located at the Beloit Village Park at 17910 5th Street and will be registered on littlefreelibrary.org.

The library takes form of a sculpture featuring two toy blocks with “Wags” the dog between. “Wags” stands as a tribute to Dwights’ childhood pet. Both cubes are 2-foot cubes. One block contains shelves for smaller books. The community is invited to give and take books from the library at no cost.

“It’s take a book, leave a book,” Phyllis said.

Dwight was born in Beloit at “Naylor’s Crossing” in February of 1926 before he left for the Marines at 16.

Community member Phyllis Naylor paints a statue of “Wags” that will stand under the Beloit Village Park childrens’ little free library. Naylor is a benefactor of the little free library along with her late sister Beverly Groh. (Submitted photo)

Dwight had a love of learning. Dwight had compassion and empathy for others who did not learn as fast. Dwight would help by collecting books and showing young children tricks to teach mathematical equations.

“He taught for a few years and he taught sports and of course when he was in the Marine Corps, he was a teacher of young men,” Phyllis said.

Dwight was also a substitute teacher who enjoyed military history and author John Grisham books.

“We wanted to do something that said this is in memory of Dwight,” Phyllis said.

Beloit Village Park has received a rose garden, new benches, a rescued concrete table and repainted equipment.

Phyllis believes the library will complement the improvements.

“The way for his memory and his love of learning to go forward is for people to come and use the library,” said Phyllis.


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