Washingtonville garbage stink discussion continues

WASHINGTONVILLE — Aarrow Disposal General Manager Anthony Perry addressed council and village residents Monday to settle the stink they have with the business.

“Do you think these people are making this up,” Mayor Herman Frank questioned as he told Perry to do what he can to get the trucks out of the village.

Frank told Perry village residents know garbage trucks stink.

“When you bring them in there and you let them sit for a few days or a week or longer, that smell is going to permeate throughout the neighborhood,” Frank said.

Council member Becky Vignon asked why inoperable trucks were not parked at another location on state Route 14 outside the village.

“Yeah, then I can spend another $1,500 out of pocket down there to park them,” Perry said.

“Put it in your back yard then,” Debbie Weikart retorted during the meeting.

Weikart and her husband Scott are frustrated about noxious odors making their front porch uninhabitable and seeing opossums and other vermin travel across properties.

“I don’t begrudge you making a buck. I begrudge you not being a good neighbor. Because it’s still a neighborhood,” Scott Weikart said.

“We care,” Vignon said. “There’s nothing we can do except plead with you to be a good neighbor.”

Perry is in the process of moving the trucks out of the village.

“Just so you know, we did just pass an ordinance that any vehicles that are not licensed or tagged or not operable are going to have to be put in a garage or moved,” said council member Erik Sobek.

Sobek explained the ordinance was not specific to Aarrow Disposal and that several residents have articles of junk and tractors lying around.

“There’s no reason,” said Sobek. “If any of these don’t move or don’t run, they need to be moved.”

In other concerns, Council President Ron Stevens advised Perry about trucks being driven on streets without the intention of picking up garbage. Stevens told Perry it needs to stop.

“We can’t repave those streets. It’s doing damage to our streets,” he said. “There are cracks in Smedley and it was just repaved a few years ago.”

Stevens explained the village is asking Aarrow Disposal, Waste Management and Republic to help keep traffic on side streets to a minimum.

“I’ll do my part on that. I’ll do my part on getting the trash trucks out of here. I do understand it,” Perry said.

Perry explained moving trucks when a part comes in would be too costly. The company budget is not that large. He said trucks are sometimes used for parts.

“I’m not going to trash a truck and give it away to scrap when I can use parts on it that buy me time and money,” Perry said.

Perry advised residents he would remove weeds around the lots to deter vermin and pests.

“Any effort for our citizens would be appreciated,” said council member Peggy Frank.


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