Leetonia buys small sewer camera

LEETONIA — Mayor Kevin Siembida announced the purchase of a small sewer camera during Wednesday’s meeting.

The camera will reduce the village’s need for contractor services charging up to $1,000 for each video images.

“This will not completely get us away from having to contract but this will help our guys use equipment for diagnosis and ultimately save us some money,” Siembida said.

The camera has already been used. Siembida predicts the camera has saved a couple hundred dollars already.

Regarding street repairs, the village is working to mend nine areas of pavement as a result of recent water main breaks.

In other matters, EMS Chief Robert Sanchez is requesting payroll be distributed once a month versus once every three months.

Sanchez believes changing the payroll would encourage people to pick up more shifts.

Council members discussed changing the payroll on the first of the year.

In other news, original record books dating as far back as 1882 have recently been granted back to the village.

“We were able to recover those and they are now back in the possession of the village of Leetonia,” Siembida announced.

The books will be held in a safe for keeping.

In other business, Zoning Officer Tina M. Schneider, addressed a retaining wall ordinance being put in place by the village.

A draft addressing retaining wall legislation had been tabled in the spring at the request of Councilmember Neal Bayless.

Schneider advised she reviewed the draft and suggested council move forward passing legislation.

She suggested changing fees in the future.

“I find the fees to be a little low for the service we are providing them,” Schneider remarked.

She voiced her intentions addressing fees regarding compliance violations and addressing legislation delays regarding retaining walls.

In regards to local commerce, Siembida discussed distributing the remainder of Covid relief funds to the village.

Siembida advised village administrators determined remaining relief funds will be distributed among village businesses.

Village officials have been reviewing applications from local businesses and Siembida predicts funds will be dispersed within two to three weeks.

Lastly, A Coke Ovens Commission Meeting will take place at Village Hall at 6 p.m. October 27.


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