Local couple introducing holiday tradition on farm

Brooke Stewart stands beside her husband Chris Stewart inside the small family run store tied to G Burbick Farms. The Stewarts started an apprenticeship with previous owner Greg Burbick in 2020. Since taking over the Stewarts added milk and eggs. Brooke looks forward to supporting other local businesses. The Stewarts look forward to integrating the core values of building customer relationships and providing quality food in a welcoming environment. (Salem News photo by Danielle Garner)

New owners of G Burbick Farms at 13480 New Buffalo Road are ringing in the holidays with a homegrown tradition. Chris and Brooke Stewart are looking forward to implementing some Christmas cheer and giving local families a chance to come experience the farm.

G Burbick Farms will hold Christmas Cookies and Cocoa with Cows from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. Saturday, Dec.11. Brooke wants anyone who loves cows to come and enjoy the holidays on the farm.

She anticipates educating families how the food on store shelves ties consumers to the community and its local farmers.

“If we didn’t have farmers we wouldn’t have food,” she explained. “It’s good to provide experiences to kids.”

Cookies will be $2 while cocoa and coffee will be served for $1. The farm will sell pints of Baker’s flavored milk for $2.75.

Chris Stewart feeds the cattle in his barn Thursday. Stewart fell in love with farming at a young age and looks forward to raising his family on the farm. (Salem News photo by Danielle Garner)

The farm will pair with Brookies Cookies providing cookies along with hot chocolate and coffee while customers sit with the cows.

“They are delicious and they look adorable,” Brooke said.

The Stewarts are placing Christmas lights and bales of hay to sit on for those attending. There will also be hot chocolate and coffee in the store for those who may be wary of sitting or eating near cattle.

The Stewarts plan to build on the reputation passed forward from G Burbick Farm’s original owner Greg Burbick. Chris and Brooke gained official ownership of the farm in late July.

The Stewarts plan on implementing social media to increase community engagement on the farm and hope to expand in the future.

“It’s a lot of work but you get a reward that I don’t think you get with anything else,” Chris explained. “Just being able to be part of the whole cycle of the cattle’s life.”

As a construction contractor Chris enjoys coming home to be outside and watch things grow around the farm. The water the cattle drink comes from a fresh spring in the hills behind the farm. The hay is sealed for peak freshness and the grain the cattle are fed is grown on-site.

A lot of beef comes Brazil, Mexico and Australia, according to Chris. The meat on G Burbicks Farm is locally raised and distributed to the community. He compares the benefits of eating locally produced beef to consuming local honey.

“There’s something to that, of knowing exactly what that product that you are putting in your body. That it’s healthy and the history of it,” Chris said.

“You get to know the animals individually and you know exactly how each animal is being raised, what it’s eating. The care and the love that goes in it,” Chris said. “You love them while they are here and you give them the best life that they can have while they are here on the earth.”

“Cows, cookies, Christmas and cocoa. They all start with a C,” Brooke remarked.


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