Event planning company looking at Columbiana

COLUMBIANA — A Trumbull County event planning company is looking to bring business to this county, starting with the city of Columbiana.

Moxie Events LLC based out of the city of Warren wants to begin hosting Dinner on Main Street events throughout the county, but is hoping to start in the city first. Dinner on Main Street events are already being held throughout the Mahoning Valley during the months of August, September and October.

Asha Gregory, marketing director and special project manager for J. Saul Campbell and Company and Moxie Events, presented the idea to the city earlier this month.

The idea is to host a Dinner on Main Street event that would consist of live music and entertainment and even dancing. The event would be by ticket purchase only, and would be roped off in a specific area.

The company was hoping to host the event in the city on Aug. 5, to coincide with the First Friday event that month.

First Fridays are organized by the Columbiana Area Chamber of Commerce and held during June, July and August each year.

Gregory said the event would be large enough to accommodate 50 to 75 guests. If approved by the city, tickets would be purchased on the Moxie Events website, or various Columbiana social media sites.

Gregory said $10 from each ticket purchase would go toward the city’s downtown revitalization project.

“We will be giving back to your community,” she said.

City Council members were favorable to the idea, but were not sure how the event would coincide with the First Friday event, since young children would likely be running around in that area.

Gregory said the company could look into other dates if necessary. If a date is selected and the event approved by council, a rain date would also be scheduled.

Gregory and council agreed to consider the matter.


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