Afternoon R-Weigh group has meetings

SALEM-On July 29 the afternoon R-Weigh ladies group held a meeting at 1:45 p.m., called to order by Jo Anne Bogdan. The prayer was given and the song sang was number 10, “I’m Looking over a Four Leaf Clover.” The group member that recently had hip replacement walked into the meeting carrying her cane only one month after surgery. Calorie chart winner was Josephine Morris and Sandy McGarr, goal winners were Judy Catlett and Ann Fouse. Can do award was awarded to Anna Kurtz and Joyce Sanders. Goal can do was given to Judy Catlett and Rachel Weaver. Weigh in of nine regular members netted a 9 pound loss, seven goalies also weighed. Good loser was Ellene Dole, Evelyn Pete was runner up and Gloria Judy and Josephine Morris made honorable mention.

The monthly weight loss for July was 43.5 pounds for the regular members. Ladies that received monetary money for their loss included Carmella Balevre, Gloria Judy, Anna Kurtz, Sandy McGarr, Josephine Morris, Evelyn Pete and Joyce Sanders. All of the goal members won $2 if they were still at or below goal. A discussion of fast food calories was talked about by Jo Anne Bogdan. She asked questions and the members answered and then a discussion was held. One of the questions was at Chipotle which bowl had the most calories, one with steak salad or chicken salad. The answer was 180 for chicken and 150 for the steak. Not many of the ladies were able to guess the proper amount of calories for the foods in question.

On Aug. 5 the R-Weigh afternoon group of ladies met for their meeting. Rhonda Brown and Evelyn Pete weighed in the ladies, Sylvia Eller received money for the monthly dues. Jo Anne Bogdan led in prayer and then called the meeting to order and Evelyn Pete led in song.

Anything to share, Judy Catlett said she and and her husband, his daughter and some friends were going to Kennywood. Rachel Weaver hosted a family for the day, at his property there is a pond. One of the ladies brought a large stack of cardboard and duct tape, each couple was to build a boat of the two items and paddle across the pond and back. Everyone had a very good time. Rachel’s son Karl and his wife tried their luck and sank their boat as soon as they launched it. The calorie chart winners were Ellene Dole and Evelyn Pete, goal winners were Rachel Weaver and Judy Catlett. Can do will be $4 next week. Goal can do winners were Sylvia Eller and Jo Anne Bogdan. There were eight regular members with a 7.5 pound loss, seven goalies also weighed in. The good loser this week was Carmella Balevre, runner up went to Josephine Morris and honorable mention was given to Ellene Dole.