CASH Coalition awards Bonnie Hoppel School Health Grants

Shown from left, Lisa Ferguson (Garfield Elementary in Wellsville), Kim Sharshan (Joshua Dixon Elementary in Columbiana), Maria McNicol (Wellsville High School), Kristen Ours (CCCTC), Debbie Pietrzak (Salem Regional Medical Center), Melissa Mellon (CASH Coalition Coordinator), Allison Lemaster (Crestview Middle School), Frances Shaw (ADAPT Coalition Coordinator for Family Recovery), Jennifer Thorn (Mental Health and Recovery Services Board), Nathan Harper (Wellsville Schools). (Submitted material)

LISBON — At the Columbiana County Educational Service Center on Nov. 7, several Columbiana County Schools were recipients of mini-grants intended for the use in the 2019-2020 school year to implement student wellness activities in the areas of chronic disease and obesity, mental health and addiction, and access to health care.

The grants are part of the Bonnie Hoppel School Health Grants from Coordinated Action for School Health (C.A.S.H.) Coalition and range from $1,000 to $2,000.

This year’s recipients winners include East Liverpool City School (Westgate), Columbiana County Career and Technical Center, Garfield Elementary School (Wellsville), Wellsville Jr. and Sr. High School, Crestview Middle School, Joshua Dixon Elementary School (Columbiana), and Daw Elementary School (Wellsville).

Funding for the mini-grants is provided by East Liverpool City Hospital, ADAPT (Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Team), Columbiana County Health Department, Columbiana County Mental Health and Recovery Services Board, Salem Regional Medical Center, and Family and Children First Council (FCFC).

The mini-grants have afforded the opportunity to reach over 15,000 students over the past 12 years to help improve student health and wellness. C.A.S.H. was founded in 1995 as a volunteer organization comprised of health and social service professionals committed to the betterment of the whole child and whole school wellness.

For more information about this grant opportunity, contact Melissa Mellon, C.A.S.H. Coordinator, at 330-424-9591, ext. 185.